We Can Attain Our Ideal Only by Living for the Sake of Our Partner

Cheon Seong Gyeong 701

Since the spirit world and the earth love him, I must establish the standard that his parents also love him. I believe Heung-jin will establish the realm of resurrection of love in the physical and spirit worlds. Through his death, love will be resurrected. Holding on to the spiritual and physical worlds, I will proclaim the realm of the resurrection of love. With that done, we will bid goodbye to the realm of death. For that reason, you should not be sad even at funerals. (130-201, 1984.1.15)

Richard: Heung-jin is the second son of Rev. and Mrs. Moon. He died in a car accident at the age of 17. He turned the car on an icy road so his friend in the passenger seat would not receive direct impact. The Unification tradition of Seungwha, or peaceful ascension originated with Heung-jin’s death.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1099

Even though my mother-in-law passed away, we do not call it a funeral in the Unification Church. What do we call it? A Seunghwa Ceremony! We call it a Seunghwa. It is moving on to the stage of activity in the vertical spirit world, the infinite world, after having lived in the horizontal earthly world. In the satanic world, if you cry aloud, evil spirits will come to you, but evil spirits cannot find their way to a Seunghwa Ceremony. (195-160, 1989.11.15)

Living for Others

3. In Creating the Universe, God Gave Everything for the Sake of His Creations

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

What kind of being is God? God acts according to the law of priority of the universal and public. It requires that every being act to benefit the greater whole ahead of its own existence. Living by that law means to embody the spirit of sacrifice and service. (105:99, September 30, 1979)
Love is to invest oneself 100 percent. Out of love, when God created heaven and earth He invested Himself 100 percent. That is why true love starts from living for the sake of others. (189:202, April 6, 1989)
When God created humans beings as His partners of love, He was living for their sake. Therefore, human beings are meant to model after God and live for the sake of others. However, due to the Fall, we came to live for ourselves. The philosophy of living for the sake of others is based on the fact that all love comes from one’s partner. (149:273, November 27, 1986)
Parents invest and forget for the sake of their children, a husband invests and forgets for the sake of his wife, and a wife invests and forgets for the sake of her husband. Siblings, too, invest and forget. God envisioned this standard of love at the beginning of creation, which He founded to manifest His ideal of love. (253:66, January 7, 1994)
God created the universe by investing Himself. Since God invested Himself completely, the complete result was guaranteed. As this is the principle of creation, we likewise should invest ourselves completely and sincerely. By giving sincerely you find your future object, build your foundation, and create the circumstances in which you can succeed. All this is impossible by merely receiving. The principle of creation is to live for others. (82:323, February 1, 1976)
God’s act of creation required an investment of energy. The act of creating consumes energy. How much did God invest? You read the Bible, and you think that everything was created easily according to the Word of God, “Let there be… and it was.” It was not that way. Rather, God completely invested His true life, true love, and true ideal in His creations.
    Hence, there was a difference between the situation before the creation and after God finished His creation. Before the creation, the God only thought of Himself. After God created, He entered the age of existing for the sake of His object partners…
    In this way, my existence is no longer for own benefit. Instead, I exist for the sake of my partner. Parents exist for the sake of their children. Because words such as “love” and “ideal” presume the existence of a counterpart, the origin of ideal existence does not begin at the position where we exist for our own sake but where we exist for the sake of our partner.
    This is the reason God invested completely in creating His partner. God wanted to create an object partner of greater value, more complete and ideal. After creating Adam and Eve, God determined that He would exist for their sake. He made the transition from living for Himself to living for the sake of His partner.
    For this reason, we cannot hope to attain our ideal as long as we put ourselves first. We can attain our ideal only by living for the sake of others, especially for the sake of our partner. This principle stems from the origin of the universe. (69:82-83, October 20, 1973)

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