In Loving, the Output is Greater than the Input

Cheon Seong Gyeong 345

Why do we need True Parents? It is because we must take root in the realm of the heart. Now, there is a different root. Through the Fall, all the trunks and branches have become different. Here, a new root started with true parents, and what emerged from that? A trunk and branches grew, and you are being engrafted. You should cut yourself down and become engrafted. After the engrafting, you will become one with the great mainstream of the universe. You must cut off everything from the satanic world, down to the root. (164-155, 1987.5.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1420

God and True Parents are weaving history together, and the era of registration will arrive. At that time, you will transfer your name into the new family register. Are you ready? Have you become sons and daughters of God like True Parents have? It is easy to say, but not to fulfill. Whether asleep or awake, you must always keep this in mind. These thoughts must accompany you wherever you go and whatever you do, whether you are eating or sleeping. In order to accomplish this, you need to experience residing in the homeland before passing on to the next world. Since this is the case, should you learn Korean, or not? Originally, human beings did not have many languages. There was only one. (201-234, 1990.4.22)

Sacrificial Love

1. Sacrificing Everything—Even Your Life—for the Sake of Those You Love

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

If I put my life on the line to subjugate evil, then the life-giving love of God will be bestowed upon me. (40:243, February 6, 1971)

A sacrificial spirit—where for the sake of a neighbor you can throw away your life as if it were a worthless piece of straw—is exactly true love. (224:254, December 7, 1991)

Love would not be possible if human beings did not have an original nature to sacrifice. We do not think of it as a sacrifice when we sacrifice for someone we love. We feel it is worthwhile, even as we sacrifice more and more. (63:25, October 1, 1972)

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