God Tried to Believe in People

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 522

Focusing on Korea, the twenty year period from 1972 to 1992 was the time when I restored the role of Christianity. On the national level, I walked the course of the Old Testament Age. After True Parents’ wedding in 1960, I worked in America, representing the worldwide stage corresponding to the Old and the New Testament Ages. The contents of this period correspond to the Old Testament and New Testament Ages. The worldwide settlement of True Parents was completed by the end of this period. That was why I announced the Completed Testament Age. Then, we live with God. Our Unification Church members can live with God. (246-301, 1993.4.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1356

The 777 Couples represent the world: they are global couples. As such, they strengthen our church. However, the family structure in the Unification Church is still in tatters. None of the families until now have fulfilled their missions and so I have had to extend them to the 777 Couples, representing the global level. Originally, the 430 Couples should have done this work. This is the progress we have made thus far. The 777 Couples represent the whole world. The three sevens refer to formation, growth, and completion. I prepared the global family structure for us to enter the transracial era by blessing the 777 Couples in 1970. Thus, any of the 777 Couples, including the Japanese, could take the place of any of the 36, 72, 124, or 430 Couples who deviate from their position. In this way, the path of the providence of restoration is being paved. (79-104, 1975.6.22)


2. Faith is a Gift of God, Not a Human Work

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

How can we explain the relationship our Father has with us, considering that we are all descendants of the sinful lineage? We cannot escape the bondage of sinful history. We live within the realm of sin, unable to overcome it. Because we cannot relate well with the Father even by our best efforts, we are taught to believe with all our heart. This is the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which teaches us to approach the Father not through any other way but by believing in our hearts. (7:52- 53, July 12, 1959)

How will you be justified by Heaven? You cannot take pride in your merits and efforts for Heaven. These things do not acquit you at the judgment. Only by your experience of God’s heart and Jesus’ heart within you, bearing fruit—a relationship that even God and Jesus cannot break—will establish the condition for eternal life. (4:107, March 16, 1958)

As you live your life of faith, do you have an explosive and stimulating power in the center of your heart, which moves unceasingly towards the world of God’s Will? When you have that heart, then it is evident that God is with you. On the other hand, if you do not have that power, it is evident that God is separate from you. When your heart is pouring out love for people, and you have the heart to share your life limitlessly with others, it is clear that you belong to Heaven. You must know that self-centered love and arrogant, self-centered values are evidence that God is already leaving you. (32:21-22, June 14, 1970)

God created humankind and has believed in us unfailingly. God has maintained that standard throughout history, no matter how often people betrayed His trust. Fallen parents in this world believe in their children, even though they are not trustworthy. They continue to believe in their children even after being deceived and lied to again and again. This is the very heart of God…
    What happens when you believe in someone who cannot be believed, love someone who is unlovable, and stay by the side of someone you cannot live with? Even though they may leave you, once they realize your love for them, it will move their heart and they will return. God has been walking the providence of restoration with that heart. (Way of Unification 8.4.8)

With what heart did God create this world? God created this world with a heart that longed for all things to become worthy of His infinite trust. He longed for human beings to become worthy of His infinite trust…
    God tried to believe in people, believing that they could be in such oneness as to not even be conscious of the word ‘faith.’ With this heart God sought for people of eternal faith. Yet due to the human Fall this heart of God has remained unfulfilled. (4:71, March 9, 1959)

We know we appear unworthy.
When we critique and analyze ourselves
we know we do not measure up as beings able to offer something to Thee.
Yet let us not forget that we are already Thy children.
It is our destined relationship,
which cannot be broken whatever we do. (24:245, August 24, 1969)

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