At Least Adam and Eve felt Shame Enough to Conceal their Naked Bodies

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1147

Eve became the mother of two worlds. She came to stand in a midway position in between good and evil. Then, who must decide whether to follow the direction of good or evil? A person himself or herself must decide. In order to do so, one must crush evil and Satan and cling to God. One must cling to God with a power several times stronger than the power he or she uses to strike Satan. In order to strike evil you must exert all your strength. At the same time, you must cling to God with even greater force. (31-18, 1970.4.8)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 707

    Scholars or presidents are no exception. The way of indemnity is one that must be sought, not taught. You must seek it yourselves. Those who do not do this will go to hell. You must understand that the chains of hell are hooked all over your eyes, your nose, and your thoughts. This is not a threat; it is simply that indemnity is needed to reverse the Fall.
    It is so difficult to erase ink from a white sheet of paper. What Satan wrote is more difficult to erase than ink. If you wish to erase it, you must be revived after dying. Realize that “although you have the name of being alive, yet you are dead.” As long as hooks remain within you, Satan will claim you as his. Thus, Jesus stated: “Those who seek to die will live, and those who seek to live will die.” (129-183, 1983.10.30)

The Fear of God

THE FEAR OF GOD IS A POSITIVE emotion because it directs us away from harmful things and propels us to do what is right. People who lack the fear of God more readily commit sin, as they do not fear God’s punishment. Having denied the existence of God they justify themselves, often with one of the modern ideologies which says that the moral rules of religion are fetters to be broken in the name of individual freedom. Yet as Father Moon explains, ever since the Human Fall fear has become a negative emotion, one that can lead to all kinds of self-centered behavior when it dominates our thinking.
The higher dimensions of holy fear—reverence and awe—should pervade our worship and guide our steps in life. They keep us mindful that our life and the purpose of our existence is not our own doing, but from God. They also contribute to our sense of meaning and value, as servants of the King and hence partakers in His glory.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
    Proverbs 9.11

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