God Did not Create Denominations or Religious Sects

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2169

And next, who can become the people, the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven? That is the congregation, the followers. Then who are the rulers? You are. You are the representatives of the village head, the representatives of the tribal head, the representatives of the county head and the representatives of the provincial governor. People, have you become the subjects, the centers? When someone comes along with a bomb from the satanic world, you have to be the first to jump forward. Do you understand? Do you feel like you can do that?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1544

If you focus on spirituality in religion, you will reject materialism. In attaching importance to its spiritual civilization, the Orient rejected materialism. That materialism was embraced by the West. Many nations in the West, including the United States, have managed to achieve a high standard of living because they secured all the natural resources of the East as their own and used them to develop and advance Western Civilization. However, they have reached their limit. The spiritual civilization of the Orient has also reached its limit. The Orient has gradually come to pursue Western material civilization, while the West has come to pursue Oriental spiritual civilization. Consequently, we have reached the time when these two civilizations are engaged in a mutual cultural exchange. (Blessed Family II – 381)


Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Enemies will certainly appear on the path you travel. Enemies will appear challenging your faith and your finances. Furthermore, some members of our Unification Church will become each other’s enemies. Satan will seize the moment when you make a small mistake and drive you to the path of Cain.
    How should you lead your life to defeat these enemies and not stand in the position of Cain? Do not live for your own comfort, but live a life of sacrifice for the sake of the whole. (3:212, November 1, 1957)

Some people, after they learned the Divine Principle taught in the Unification Church, use it to advance their own interests. Such people are swindlers and thieves. They use the Principle that I brought to build a comfortable domain for themselves inside the realm of Unificationism. They steal the Word, the Divine Principle, although it does not belong to them but belongs to Heaven. Pretending as if it was their own teaching, they use it for their own purposes. They create devious groups, which use guile to snatch up followers whom they swindle [with a counterfeit of the truth]. Their bodies are like the skeletons in the valley of dry bones. They appear to be alive, but their spirits are dead. (June 21, 2001)

Since a fallen person stands in the midway position between God and Satan and relates with both of them, the works of a good spirit may be accompanied by the subtle influences of an evil spirit… In the present era, spiritual phenomena are becoming ever more prevalent. Unless religious leaders can correctly distinguish the works of good spirits from the works of evil spirits, they cannot properly instruct and guide those who experience spiritual phenomena. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Fall 4.4)

The Last Days is the time when people return to the spiritual level reached by the first human ancestors just prior to the Fall. Today, being the Last Days, is the time when people throughout the world are reaching this level. Just as Adam and Eve prior to the Fall were able to converse directly with God, today many people on earth can communicate with the spirit world. The prophecy that in the Last Days, “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams” (Acts 2.17), may be explained based on this insight from the Principle. In the Last Days, many people will receive the revelation, “You are the Lord.” Often these people will be misled into believing that they are the Second Coming of Christ. Why do they stray from the right path?
    Upon creating human beings, God gave them the mandate to rule over the universe. (Gen. 1:28) Yet due to the Fall, they have been unable to fulfill this blessing. When fallen people are spiritually restored through the providence of restoration to the top of the growth stage, they will reach the level of heart comparable to that of Adam and Eve just before their Fall. God gives certain people who are at this stage the revelation that they are the Lord, in recognition that they have reached the level of maturity at which He had once blessed human beings with dominion over the universe.
    Believers in the Last Days whose devout faith entitles them to receive the revelation that they are “the Lord” stand in a position similar to that of John the Baptist. John the Baptist came with the mission to make straight the way of Jesus. (John 1:23) In the same way, these people of faith are given the mission to prepare, in their particular areas of responsibility, the way for Christ at the Second Advent. Since they are to act as the Lord’s representatives in their respective fields, God gives them the revelation that they are the Lord.
    When someone who is gifted with spiritual communication receives the revelation that he is the Lord, he should understand this phenomenon through the teachings of the Principle. He should not act wrongly, mistaking himself for Christ at the Second Advent. Otherwise, he may end up playing the role of an antichrist. For this reason, the Bible contains prophecies that in the Last Days there will appear many antichrists…
    People who contribute to the providence of restoration usually are responsible for only a part of the providence. Focusing only on their vertical relationship with God, they are often not sensitive to their proper horizontal relationship with other spiritually attuned people. Strife can break out among them, as each thinks that the Will of God which he serves is different from that which the others are serving. Their conflicts are aggravated when each of them receives the revelation that he is the best. Yet God offers such encouragement to spur each on to do his very best in carrying out his particular mission within the greater providence. God also gives such revelations because each is, in truth, the one best suited for his respective area of mission. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Resurrection 2.2.6)

God did not create denominations or religious sects. In fact, religion itself is a byproduct of the Fall. It is Satan who fosters denominational schisms and religious divisions. In heaven there are no walls between nations, denominations or religions. It is a world composed of one huge family. (May 8, 2001)

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