If You Make Excuses for Yourself, Satan Will Overpower You

Interview with Barbara Fuller, Candidate for the Jefferson County, WV Board of Education-May 10, 2022

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1739

Originally, had they not fallen, Eve would have become God’s wife and Adam His body. Through the lovemaking of Adam as God’s body and Eve as God’s body, the union of God and humankind, of heaven and earth, should have taken place. This union of God and of man and woman, plus and minus, should have come about, giving way to new life and new lineage through love settled vertically and horizontally. (196-233, 1990.1.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1472

The life we are leading on earth is not for our own sake. We are living for the sake of God’s love. For that purpose, we are in a continuous state of action and existence. How splendid that is! Those who lead such a life can never be brought to ruin. Hardships, tears and misery would not make us miserable, bitter, or sad because we would be enduring them all for the love of God. You should understand this principle. (67-159, 1973.6.1)


  1. Satan Tests People of Faith

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Due to the Human Fall, Satan tramples upon human beings and dominates the whole earth. To turn this situation around, we need to employ the principle of indemnity. Since Satan treated human beings with contempt, human beings should win Satan’s respect and deference. They should do this by themselves, without the help of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or God. Whatever sinful condition Satan presents them with, they should be able to overcome it. Only then can human beings become God’s victorious sons and daughters. 
    On your path you will encounter many trials from Satan. Especially if you become open to communicate with the spirit world, you will face many trials. If you fail Satan’s tests, Satan will accuse you, saying, “You are not qualified,” and block your way. (3:210, November 1, 1957)

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