You Have to Drag Him Mercilessly

Watch or listen to interviews with Jefferson County WV Board of Education Candidates in the upcoming May 10, 2022 election, which is the only election for the Board of Education:

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2260

A true couple is formed when a true man and a true woman come together to begin their life as husband and wife. When sons and daughters are born, the true couple becomes a true family. In the place where a man and woman – each having attained perfect mind-body oneness – unite in eternal love, they give birth to children who can never be separated from them. If the mother and father are divided, their children will be divided within themselves. It is a natural conclusion that a child whose mind and body are one begins from a husband and wife who are each united in their own mind and body and are united together centering on true love. Otherwise, true love cannot stay there. God cannot stay where true love does not exist. This is our logical conclusion. (270-324, 1995.7.23)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1240

In the present era, we are heading towards the completion stage, having passed through the formation and growth stages. This is the era in which history has to move horizontally after developing vertically. In other words, it is the era in which the boundary of the six-thousand-year long history of indemnification is crossed. That is why you need to escape from the dominion of Satan. Then what is the Blessing? It is the gate you have to pass through to leave the realm Satan has dominated throughout history. (18-209, 1967.6.8)


3. Trials Forge Character and Build Unshakable Faith

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Undergoing many trials in your life of faith, lay the foundation of victory and make yourself a solid rock which God can trust. (Way of God’s Will 3.4)

God is with you only after you win over your environment. (Way of God’s Will 3.2)

You should have a mind to test whether you qualify as God’s good object partners, whether you are living in one accord with Him. How can find out whether you have the qualifications? You should throw yourself into situations of suffering and hardship. Sometimes you may think that you cannot survive the ordeal. However, these tests are the means by which you can prove your worth and establish your value. (66:45, March 18, 1973)

As we walk on and on, shall we say our way is steep? We cannot compare our anguished hearts with the anguish of Thy heart, or compare how we are mistreated with the footprints Thou didst leave in Satan’s realm, where Thou wast blocked at every turn. Even as we go along this steep way, may a sense of mission well up in our hearts to take responsibility for the Will of Heaven. (4:293-94, September 14, 1958)

God is unchanging. However, in order to create unchanging people, He tests you by appearing as a changeable, capricious God. But God’s capriciousness is only from your viewpoint. God appears to contradict Himself when He sometimes says, “Do this!” and later says, “No, do that!” First He says, “Go!” and then He says, “No, come!” God tests you by appearing to change from one moment to the next in order to find whether you are a person whose faith in Him will never change. (66:46, March 18, 1973)

During the Korean War that broke out on June 25th, 1950, I would see mothers carrying their young children on their backs, refugees on the road to the South. Yet the children were too young to know that they are traveling as refugees to escape from war. A child, having been told that he and his family are going somewhere, is at first happy to go and even hums. Then the mother who has been carrying him on her back loses strength along the way and makes the child walk. After a while the child says, “Mommy, no. I’m not going if you don’t carry me on your back. Carry me on your back, carry me!”
    What should a loving parent do in such a situation? She ought to carry the child, but if she carries him, both of them will die. What, then, should she do? She should make him walk. If he refuses to walk, she must threaten him and even slap his face to make him walk. By all means, they must reach their place of refuge.
    What would you do if you were the mother? Would you leave him behind to die, or would you drag him by force? Which is the best way? Leave him behind to die? You do not like either alternative, but what will you do? You have to take him, no matter what. You have to drag him mercilessly, even by tearing and pulling his ears, or by making a hole in his nose and pulling him by a leash. Under the circumstances, that is real love. (32:256, July 19, 1970)

Makest Thy cruel winds whip the faces of these young people;
stir up the storm-wind and hurricane to push them and drive them back.
In the midst of wind and frost they will remain honorable,
become rock-hard young men and women,
and emerge as victors. (121:187, October 24, 1982)

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