Prayer is Making a Wish

Watch or listen to interviews with Jefferson County WV Board of Education Candidates in the upcoming May 10, 2022 election, which is the only election for the Board of Education:

Cheon Seong Gyeong 926

    In this world, if you are asked, “What do you want to do?” you would answer, “I want to become a judge for the Supreme Court.” Isn’t that the case for you? Everyone likes a judge, don’t they? Christians today say, “God is the great Master of heaven and earth. He is also the Judge who discriminates good from evil, sends good people to heaven, evil people to hell, and rules heaven and earth based on the law of righteousness.” Would you like such a judge? If He had sent billions of people to hell throughout history until now, would God’s mind be at ease? That could never happen.
    In this way, it is not God’s ambition to sit on His throne and exercise His authority as the judge of righteousness. God hates those things. (201-21, 1990.2.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1090

Pledge service should not be done only on Sunday mornings. Basically, we should do it every day. When you rise in the morning, you should first do Pledge service facing headquarters. It is an official ceremony. However, if we do Pledge service like that every day, there can be adverse effects. In order to avoid these side effects, as a condition, we do pledge only on Sunday mornings and on the mornings of the first day of each month. Ideally, we should be doing it every day. (31-274, 1970.6.4)

Prayer and Worship

  1. God Answers Prayer

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Prayer is calling to God and conversing with Him. (270:17, May 3, 1995)

Prayer is a covenant between man and God; it is a pledge. Whatever you pray about, you have to practice.
    There is no need to pray for the same thing day after day. You only need to pray for it once with genuine sincerity. Then seek and long for it with a prayerful heart even if it takes ten or twenty years to be fulfilled. (40:299, February 7, 1971)

Prayer is making a wish. By making a wish, you place yourself in an object position to God, the Subject. You set up a subject-object relationship of love.
    Having unfulfilled wishes and longings is good, because they motivate us to make this relationship. Because we lack confidence to fulfill them ourselves, we pray… clinging to God. (112:54, March 29, 1981)

Through prayer you receive strength. Through prayer you are given wisdom to know how situations will develop in the future. You will be taught how to deal with every work. The wisdom gained through prayer can equip you for a great mission. Prayer is indispensable if you are pioneering a such a path. (104:111, April 15, 1979)

[In times of difficulty], pray and ask God for His power to sustain you on the path. Declare your determination: “Father, although I might die for this work, I will do it. Though I suffer from hunger and thirst, I will cling to Thee, my God.” Thus, your prayer is a pledge and a proclamation.
    Once you have made that proclamation, then on your own, decide your course and determine to accomplish it. Practice love; then surely God will listen and encourage you to go forward. Once you have prayed, as long as you practice what you have prayed about, overcoming obstacles one by one, then God will approve of you and recognize you as a trustworthy person. (112:54, March 29, 1981)

Test the power of your prayer. Pray every day for one person [without telling him]. Pray tearfully for his well-being, and see what happens. Amazingly, he will feel a magnetic attraction to you. He will feel drawn to you, but he won’t know why. (104:113, April 15, 1979)

When you make a request in prayer, it passes through several stages before it is answered. And when it is answered, the answer may come in an unexpected way. Furthermore, when you pray for a blessing, depending on your condition, you may receive a certain amount of blessing, only to have something else taken away…
    We are also praying for the world. When your personal devotions and efforts at spreading the Word do not go well, do not worry that your prayers are ineffective. Continue praying, and far away something in the communist world crumbles. Yet it takes time. So pray for something that will not come to pass in your lifetime but thousands of years from now. I am praying such prayers; therefore the work of God will continue to flourish for thousands of years after I am gone, until my prayers are fully answered. (104:110, April 15, 1979)

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