What is God’s Will?

Interviews with District 100 (Shannondale vicinity) WV House of Delegate Candidates:
Steve Harris
Bill Ridenour

Interviews with U. S. House of Representatives-WV 2nd Congressinal District Candidates:
Susan Buchser-Lochocki
Rhonda Hercules
Mike Seckman

Interviews with Jefferson County Board of Education Candidates:
Andrea Elliott
Barbara Fuller
Joyce Smith

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2069

    Now if you do your tribal messiah mission, the Republic of Korea will automatically be liberated. This is because the tribal messiah is connected to the tong ban breakthrough activities. When we complete the tong ban breakthrough activities, centered on our tribe, there will no longer be communists. Therefore, Korea has freed itself from the individual realm of the false accusation of Satan.
    I have laid the foundation of substance through the national level, centering upon America. Having brought a victorious national foundation from America, I will engraft to this a way for the Republic of Korea to transcend the nation and go to the world. Centering on the realm of the tribal messiah all the 40 million people of Korea will be connected. Thus, when all these things become one, there will be no place in your families for Satan to falsely accuse you. We have passed over the base where Satan could accuse us individually, and we have passed over the base where he could accuse us as a family or a tribe. If three tribes can be connected to each other, then a people will be formed. (188-315, 1989.3.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 423

What does the Unification Church understand God’s will to be? What is Rev. Moon’s understanding of God’s will? God’s will is understood to be the completion and fulfillment of the original ideal of creation for which God made this universe. Because God created the universe with certain purposes, it is God’s will to realize such purposes. Who or what was at the center of this purpose? It was none other than Adam and Eve. That is why I perceive God’s purpose of creation to be the realization of His ideal beginning with and from Adam and Eve. Then, what is the substance of this ideal? It is none other than the realization of the four-position foundation. The four-position foundation is the foundation of the family with God at the center. It is realized only when Adam and Eve become so completely united that they cannot separate themselves from the realm of God’s love. With God at the center, they become an ideal husband and wife, giving birth to children of their own. When this four-position foundation is completed, Adam and Eve become one in their love as husband and wife and are secured within the realm of God’s love. (Blessed Family – 298)

Prayer and Worship

3. Prayer from the Heart

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Do not pray casually, but ask your original mind. Do not pray looking up into the sky, but look into your mind. Open the door of your mind. (308:16, November 21, 1998)

When you pray, your heart should be as desperate as a baby crying for mother’s milk. (18:185, June 6, 1967)

When you pray, do not think that God is up in the sky. God is right behind your mind. First you have to battle to focus your mind. As your mind and body become more and more united they rise up, connecting to the realm of resonance. (306:255: September 23, 1998)

Do not pray when you are in a fickle mood. Rather, you should pray when you are in the most profound and heavenly state of mind. Your mind should abide at the center of your heart, not near the borderline.
    When you want to pray about an important matter in your life, first purify yourself. Make sure your environment is free from worldly distractions and your inner state is far removed from the borderline; then pray. (123:80, December 12, 1982)

Pray with all sincerity, never wavering… “Heavenly Father, how can I best attend Thee? How sincerely have I attended Thee? Have I properly represented my family, my community, my tribe and my nation before Thee?” You can know the answer at once, and knowing it, you shed tears. Fallen people cannot attend Heavenly Father without tears of repentance. Without cleansing we cannot re-create our environment, which having been lost sorely needs re-creation…
    Do you weep when thinking about your nation? Do you wail in repentance when thinking about the world? Since Heavenly Father is weeping for them, and the Lord [Christ] is also weeping for them, you people on earth should be doing the same. When you stand with God and Christ, you can participate in their life. (171:19, December 5, 1987)

Whether I am in the east or the west, prayer helps me to move in a circular orbit around the Axis. I can then participate in the realm of life where God dwells. However, people usually do not live centered on the Axis. They live a casual life, as they want… Prayer is what tunes me to the center point. (171:14, December 5, 1987)

How does one make a true prayer? By overcoming obstacles with patience, love and sacrifice. People who live this way see their prayers fulfilled. They do not even need to pray, since they are already advancing to fulfill it. (112:52, March 29, 1981)

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