You Life Can Become a Prayer

Board of Education and Primary Election Day is May 10, 2022

Interviews with District 100 (Includes Shannondale & vicinity) WV House of Delegate Candidates:
Steve Harris
Bill Ridenour

Interviews with U. S. House of Representatives-WV 2nd Congressinal District Candidates:
Susan Buchser-Lochocki
Rhonda Hercules
Mike Seckman

Interviews with Jefferson County Board of Education Candidates:
Andrea Elliott
Barbara Fuller
Joyce Smith

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2260

A true couple is formed when a true man and a true woman come together to begin their life as husband and wife. When sons and daughters are born, the true couple becomes a true family. In the place where a man and woman – each having attained perfect mind-body oneness – unite in eternal love, they give birth to children who can never be separated from them. If the mother and father are divided, their children will be divided within themselves. It is a natural conclusion that a child whose mind and body are one begins from a husband and wife who are each united in their own mind and body and are united together centering on true love. Otherwise, true love cannot stay there. God cannot stay where true love does not exist. This is our logical conclusion. (270-324, 1995.7.23)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1489

The ants know when a rainy season is about to set in. I once witnessed a colony of ants moving to another place in single file; that showed they knew the onset of the rainy season. It is because you are given to daydreaming that you do not know. Not having any idea about your own field of mission is a serious problem. You need to come to an understanding with God with regard to the serious problems in your life. You also need to adapt yourself to the environmental circumstances of your own accord. Who else can do it for you? You are the only ones who can do it. (120-298, 1982.10.20)

Prayer and Worship

5. Pray Constantly, Day and Night

Pray constantly.
    1 Thessalonians 5.17

Celebrate constantly the praises of your Lord, before the rising of the sun and before its setting; yea, celebrate them for part of the hours of the night, and the sides of the day: that you may have spiritual joy.
    Qur’an 20.130

I bless the Lord who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me.
    Psalm 16.7

The truest vision comes a little before daybreak.
    Hadith of Tirmidhi and Darimi (Islam)

Rabbi Johanan said, “Would that man could pray all day, for a prayer never loses its value.”
    Jerusalem Talmud, Berakot 1.1 (Judaism)

O you wrapped up in your raiment!
Keep vigil the night long, save a little—
A half thereof, or abate a little thereof
Or add [a little] thereto and chant the Qur’an in measure,
For We shall charge you with a word of weight.
Lo! The vigil of the night is when impression is more keen and speech more certain.
Lo! You have by day a chain of business.
So remember the name of thy Lord and devote thyself with complete devotion.
    Qur’an 73.1-8

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

In the Bible we read that we should pray constantly. Why is it a crucial teaching to live by? Satan controls this fallen world. He lures us every which way and continually afflicts us with pain and suffering. The only way God’s power can reach us is in the perpendicular direction of the Spirit. (201:208, April 9, 1990)

When you pray for public things all day and all night, your prayer becomes a living prayer. Then every few years the level of your prayer will advance, with different topics for the prayer. (104:112, April 15, 1979)

Pray often to touch limitless spiritual power. That power should become the main spring of your life. (Way of God’s Will 2.2)

Indescribable joy comes from a life of prayer. You enter the state of God’s thought at the time of creation. (29:321, March 13, 1970)

Pray a lot. Although you may live alone, if you pray hard you will never be lonely. Prayer is like breathing. If you pray a lot, you will become spiritually bright. You will become very sensitive and acquire the ability to discern good and evil. Effective prayer requires sacrifices and special devotions. (30:283, April 4, 1970)

Prayer supplies the warehouse of the heart. If you do not have time to pray, pray through the work you do. (27:89, October 26, 1969)

When you become a person of complete character, your life becomes a prayer. (Way of God’s Will 2.2)

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