Establish the Peaceful Kingdom that Places Good Above All Else

Peaceful Families; Peaceful World Workshop-May 27 to May 29
Peace Kingdom Center, Harpers Ferry , WV
May 27- Abstinence-Centered Curriculum Training
May 28- Unification Principle Study
May 29- Strengthening Families and Communities Forum

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2006

Through establishing a nation of God, we are to establish on earth the peaceful Kingdom of Heaven that places good above all else, that eliminates evil and judges the ringleader Satan, who, until now, has been the enemy of Heaven. Please understand that this has been the desire of our ancestors, who contributed enormously to the course of the providence, as well as the desire of God and Jesus. (155-321, 1965.11.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1470

God is the first Cause of the universe and the Creator of everything under the sun. He is also our beloved Father. He made all the things of creation in order to fulfill His unique will. His purpose lies in the manifestation of love. Though He may be the Origin of true love and omnipotent, He cannot feel the joy of love by Himself. He needs an object for His love, and desires to receive voluntary love in return. The culmination of all the creation, created to be in the highest position, is man and woman. Consequently, we have a purpose in our life. That purpose requires our becoming mature and realizing a relationship of eternal true love with Him. This is the fundamental principle through which harmony can be achieved between Him and us. (166-131, 1987.6.1)


5. Visualizations and Visions

Fog, smoke, sun, fire, wind,
Fireflies, lightning, a crystal, a moon—
These are the preliminary appearances,
Which produce the manifestation of Brahman
in yoga.
Svetasvatara Upanishad 2.11 (Hinduism)

Buddha then replied to Vaidehi, “You and all other beings besides ought to make it their only aim, with concentrated thought, to get a perception of the Western Quarter. You will ask how that perception is to be formed. I will explain it now. All beings, if not blind from birth, are uniformly possessed of sight, and they all see the setting sun. You should sit down properly, looking in the western direction, and prepare your thought for a close meditation on the sun; cause your mind to be firmly fixed on it so as to have an unwavering perception by the exclusive application of your thought, and gaze upon it when it is about to set and looks like a suspended drum.

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