My Soul Thirsts for God

Peaceful Families; Peaceful World Workshop-May 27 to May 29
Peace Kingdom Center, Harpers Ferry , WV and online
May 27- Abstinence-Centered Curriculum Training
May 28- Unification Principle Study
May 29- Strengthening Families and Communities Forum
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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2238

Where do God and human beings become one? In holy matrimony. They become one centering on God, who is the center of original true love. It means that God enters the heart of Adam and the heart of Eve. The marriage of Adam and Eve is the marriage of God’s body. It is His marriage. The external position is the body, and the internal position is the mind. That is why God is directly our Father. His love, life and lineage are ours. (217-196, 1991.5.27)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1272

In what way can you connect to the heart of God? You cannot connect with His heart through logic. It is only through the lineage that you can connect with Him. Have you all inherited the lineage of the heart of God? You didn’t know about that until now. That is why before [you receive the Blessing] you have to go through the ceremony of converting the lineage to receive the Blessing. At the time of the ceremony, you must reach a state of nothingness, feeling that you have nothing. You have to reach the state where you feel you do not have a body. You should have a firm conviction that the point where the blood and flesh of the True Parents can be inherited begins with yourself. (180-159, 1988.8.22)


2. Love and Longing for God

The supreme Lord who pervades all existence, the true Self of all creatures, may be realized through undivided love.
    Bhagavad-Gita 8.22 (Hinduism)

Those who remember the Lord with every breath, each morsel,
And in whose mind ever abides the spell of the Lord’s Name—
Says Nanak, are blessed, perfect devotees.
    Adi Granth, Var Gauri, M.5, p. 319 (Sikhism)

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