Whoever Favors War Are the Evil Ones

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 317

If God is seeking an absolute partner in love, whom will He place in that position? It is none other than human beings. It follows that a partner in love who has become one with the eternal love of the Creator must also live forever. An important issue for religion is how to establish a logical understanding of eternal life based on relationships of love. Eternal life does not lie in a man or a woman. It does not lie in God. You must clearly understand that eternal life is in the love of God. (218-210, 1991.7.29)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1079

Even when you eat out of hunger you should not completely fill your plate with food. You should maintain the standard of finding satisfaction in eating three-fifths of your plateful after removing two-fifths of it. Only then are you a wise person. You should know how to be frugal in everything. You should save the maximum and then find out the minimum you can live with. If you invest yourself using the minimum for at least three months you will discover the real minimum you can live with. After you do so, let’s see how it goes. (57- 197, 1972.5.31)

War Against Evil

3. Situations When War is Justified

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Not many people on this earth welcome an individual who pursues a different kind of goodness. When a good individual works to form a family of goodness, the surrounding people do not welcome him. When that good family strives to expand into a tribe of goodness, the tribulations besetting his path become even more difficult. And when that good tribe tries to form a nation of goodness, certainly an even greater evil power will rise in rebellion to block its way. Moreover, when that good nation pursues a world of goodness, the nations of the existing world, which is not good, will oppose it in every way possible.
     Evil tribes rose and fought against the way of the good tribe. All nations opposed the good nation; none welcomed it even though it had long been the hope of humanity. A nation of goodness must survive this confrontation with the evil nations and prevail in the battle of good versus evil. We know well that this is why history developed through this kind of struggle. (36:52-53, November 15, 1970)It is an error brought about by ignorance of the fundamental providence of God to regard the cause of struggles and wars as mere conflicts of interests and contests between ideologies. Humankind has suffered through a sinful history ever since the first human ancestors fell under the subjugation of Satan. However, as long as God’s purpose of creation still stands, the purpose of this history must be to cut out ties with Satan and restore God’s kingdom. If there were no wars or divisions in this fallen world, then the sovereignty of evil would continue forever and the world would never be restored. Therefore, God has worked His providence to restore the heavenly sovereignty by degrees. He sends prophets and saints to the fallen world to found religions and raise the level of morality. He establishes governments with higher standards of goodness which come to oppose and destroy regimes with lower standards of goodness. To fulfill the providence of restoration, therefore, conflicts and wars are unavoidable…

    Although there have been times when evil seemed to prevail, in the end the relatively evil social and political forces declined and were absorbed by the more godly forces. The wars which have shaped the rise and fall of nations are thus unavoidable during the course of the providence to re-establish the reign of good.
    For example, in the Bible God ordered the Israelites to destroy the seven tribes of Canaan. When Saul disobeyed Him, leaving some of the Amalekites alive with their cattle, God severely punished him. (1 Sam. 15.18-23) While on that occasion God commanded the Israelites to destroy the Gentiles, at another time, when the Israelites of the northern kingdom turned to evil, God Obedience and Sacrifice 865 delivered them into the hands of the Assyrians. (2 Kgs. 17.23) We must understand that God’s only intention by these events was to obliterate the sovereignty of evil and restore the sovereignty of good. Therefore, fights between individuals within the same good sovereignty on the side of God are evil, because they can weaken and even cause the disintegration of the good sovereignty itself. On the other hand, wars conducted by a good sovereignty to destroy an evil sovereignty are good in that they further the fulfillment of the providence of restoration. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Eschatology 4.2)

Do you respect King David? Did he do a good deed when he killed Goliath? Or was he no better than a common street fighter? From God’s point of view, David did well. For by that one deed he saved the foundation of Israel’s nationhood that God had labored for 3,000 years to build. (103:181- 82, February 25, 1979)

Richard:  More recently (2005) Rev. Moon stated:  
“Our Peace Forces will be dispatched to over 70 nations.  No, we are not going to use machine guns.  Like the problems in the Middle East, we can solve it.  Though whoever favors wars, and whoever causes the trouble of wars are the (ones that are) evil.  If we truly educate the people of the world with this powerful Truth, then within 10 years we can conquer the entire world with True Love, not with guns and machine guns and atom bombs.  We must do it.  So I am talking about creating  a new level of Peace Keeping Forces. “
Universal Peace Federation Inaugural Speech, September 23, 2005, Washington, DC

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