Satan’s Basic Nature is Arrogance and Wrath

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1503

Section 2. The Family Is the Basic Unit of Heaven
2.1. Family is the cornerstone of God’s Kingdom on earth and in heaven

Heaven must be established from the family. Since Jesus couldn’t form a family, he could not enter heaven, but instead is in paradise. Paradise is like the waiting room you have to pass through before entering heaven. Hell came into existence because of the Fall. God did not create it from the beginning. (21-199, 1968.11.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1279

The Holy Wedding Blessing Ceremony is not simply a wedding through which a man and woman come together and form a family. Until now, all weddings were centered on the people getting married, but our wedding ceremony is a significant condition necessary to indemnify history. Therefore, in returning joy to God, we conduct the ceremony solemnly and splendidly. The Divine Principle clearly explains to us that our wedding ceremonies alleviate the grief of God caused by the Fall of Adam and Eve, and establish the true standard of husband and wife, which Jesus was not able to achieve. (22-212, 1969.2.4)


  1. Blessed are the Meek

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God’s love dwells upon the foundations of meekness, humility, fasting, sacrifice and even martyrdom. (282:227, March 26, 1997)

The higher the religion, the less it stresses the self and the more it stresses meekness, humility, and one step further, sacrifice and service. Why must it do that? Those are the laws of the original homeland. People are like wanderers searching for their original homeland. To train people in the laws of that homeland, the higher religions teach the way of sacrifice. (77:190, April 6, 1995)Satan’s basic nature is arrogance and wrath. That is the way he deals with people in the world. Jesus, on the other hand, came before the people with meekness and humility. Satan ultimately acknowledged Jesus because he knew that humility is in accord with the heavenly law. When you act with gentleness and humility, the satanic world naturally surrenders. Jesus knew this principle, and therefore he assumed the posture of gentleness and humility. You, too, can open up a new way to reach God… when you remain always gentle and humble. Examine yourself: are you living by Jesus’ teachings of gentleness and humility, meekness and obedience, and sacrifice and service? If you are not practicing these teachings in your daily life, know that you still belong to Satan’s tribe. (3:187, October 27, 1957)

I examined the Book of Life in heaven. I saw that the people whose names are recorded in that book were all simple and lowly. Millionaires, famous preachers and politicians are not found there. (107:21, February 21, 1980)

The Garden of Eden is not a world filled with disputes. It is not a world where people promote themselves, but a world full of humility and love. (98:31, April 8, 1978)

How can we hold on to individualism? There is not one part of us that we can claim as our very own. When we were conceived from our parents’ love and grew beginning from our mother’s ovum, 99.999 percent of our being was our mother’s bone, blood and flesh, and the other 0.001 percent was added from our father’s sperm. No one at the time of their birth has the concept, “I belong to myself.” (299:113, February 7, 1999)

At the Fall evil began first and rose up, so we must carry out a strategy to push evil down and pull goodness up. How shall we carry this out? First, we must take control of our arrogance. The Fall occurred when the archangel Lucifer and human beings pushed God aside and attempted to elevate themselves. Arrogance was Satan’s original nature. Arrogance is the desire to elevate oneself without regard to law, discipline, obligations, or the affect on the surrounding environment. It is the desire to live unconstrained by justice or law.
    How do we describe a person who lives in accordance with the law? Do we say he is arrogant? No, we say he or she is as an honest person… We must put a stop to behavior that ignores the law and disregards one’s position and surroundings. We must suppress arrogance and take on the quality of humility. (37:112, December 23, 1970)

When you are in a high position, there is no way to unite your mind and body. It is better to let yourself be stepped on. God has trampled on me for forty years, lest I get above myself. As you are stepped on, those elements in you that want to exalt themselves are smashed and brought back to unity. Do you understand this?
    You should be cursed, trampled on and mistreated, just like the vagrant Bamboo Hat Kim. Regardless of how you are treated, you should discover the self that can accept all these tribulations gratefully. (144:231, April 25, 1986)

I never asked for blessings in my prayers. I never said, “God, please give me some money.” I thought, “I need to suffer more since I have not undergone enough hardships.” God likes such thinking. (102:314, February 21, 1979)

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