Can You Appreciate the Incredible Value of Patience

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2156

Today I would like to gratefully take this opportunity and talk about a fundamental solution to the problem of the unification of the Korean peninsula – the unification that is our nation’s most cherished desire as well as the last matter of the Cold War that awaits settlement. I would like to entitle this talk “The Course of Life for the Princes and Princesses of God.”

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1124

Because the realm of the human portion of responsibility was invaded, even if we look at all humanity, at all the people in the earthly world, and even at all the ancestors who were here and who went to the spirit world, there has not been a single person who could fulfill this portion of responsibility. This can be understood through the Principle. I did not just randomly put these concepts together. If we do not understand the issue of human responsibility, we cannot resolve all the complications of history. Why has history been one of war? Through the fulfillment of the portion of responsibility, conditions of goodness can overcome the conditions of the evil world. We must carry on the fight, grappling with those who have become part of the fallen satanic world. That is why history reflects the conflict between good and evil. (137-266, 1986.1.3)

Turning the Other Cheek

When two boys are fighting, one yields to the other with a heart of tolerance. Though he may want to fight to the finish out of anger, he yields because he thinks that someday they might become friends. If God were to judge between the two boys, He would decide in favor of the boy who forgives and embraces the other with tolerance. (100:84, October 8, 1978)

Among the saints and great people of history, are there any who were not mistreated or persecuted during their earthly life? All the great figures of history encountered opposition, but those who defended themselves as being right are not reckoned among the saints. Jesus was condemned; he carried with him all of history’s pain and injustice; yet he went his way in silence. Nevertheless, he reappeared as the historical victor. Why? It is because he did not fight with the evil. (80:34, October 4, 1975)

Jesus said, “But if any one strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also,” (Matt. 5.39) because when giving totally it is necessary to go that far. If you give completely, everything will come back to you—this is Heaven’s principle. Jesus blessed the Roman soldiers who nailed him to the cross and pierced his chest with a spear because he had determined to give himself completely before he passed on. He knew that by doing so, even the country of his enemies would return to him. And indeed, the Roman Empire eventually became a Christian kingdom. (69:88, October 20, 1973)

The person who wins by striking someone three times will be subjugated by the person who yields ten times. Jesus followed this principle; isn’t it true in today’s world as well? Good people yield and sacrifice themselves. Those who use their fists well are not good people. The person who tries to win another over with love even as he is being beaten, who endures without complaint or regret, and who loves even at the sacrifice of his family—this is a good person.
    Why is that? It is because God is that way. The One who is the center of the universe follows this path; therefore it is the standard of goodness. We take this path as we journey toward the world of goodness. (101:68, October 28, 1978)

Never pray like this: “O Lord, send a legion of angels to attack the people opposing me, so they cannot oppose me anymore.” You should rather pray, “O Lord, please save my enemies, for they are in need of Thy mercy and Thy blessings.” Why? They are in the position of Cain, and as Abel it is your responsibility to love and embrace Cain. Once you achieve oneness between Cain and Abel, you will prosper and not decline.
    The New York Times and I oppose me and slander me, yet whenever I need to take out a newspaper advertisement I instruct my people to give them my advertising dollars. It may seem strange, but I always maintain the magnanimous position of Abel. We do not really have enemies. Even though people insult us, we patiently endure them and keep advancing. We have no need to avenge ourselves, because God will take care of everything. (89:114, October 4, 1976)

Without maintaining the standard of eternal love, God would have no basis to someday exercise His authority over Satan. Therefore, God had to set up the condition of loving Satan no matter how viciously Satan opposed God.
    Thus, God’s philosophy is one of non-resistance. Why is that? Until the world of heavenly ideal is fulfilled on this earth, God must love the archangel, who became Satan, regardless of the circumstances. (316:79, February 10, 2000)

God has the power to sweep away all satans in an instant. Yet what would happen then? God’s omnipotence would be broken. That is why, in order not to be invaded by Satan, God always retreats when Satan shoots arrows at Him. God is omnipotent, but only by patient endurance can God eventually subjugate Satan and set him under His dominion, where Satan cannot escape no matter how much he tries with all of his power. Only then can God secure His position and His omnipotence.

    What would happen if God were to say, “I can’t take it any more!” and turn everything upside down? The universe would be gone. God would become unthinkably miserable. Now can you appreciate the incredible value of patience?

    In this aspect, patience can be the incentive for renewal and re-creation. In other words, by enduring our enemy’s insults, we can forgive him. In doing so, we can gain dominion over him. Always. (76:219-20, March 2, 1975)

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