The Name True Parents Existed Before the Creation of the World

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Happy Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth, established 1997. We will feature a special reading regarding the significance of this holiday over the next four days.

Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth

August 9, 1997
Rev. Sun Myung Moon


These days in America, thousands of ministers are getting blessed. Because of that, all the stubborn groups which have opposed me until now, all the people who have oppose me, all the people who have prayed for Reverend Moon to die, all of their eyes are popping open….. All their sons have been blessed in the Unification Church, but how can they stand that? They say, “Our God is different, and Reverend Moon’s God is different.” They didn’t know that Reverend Moon’s God is seeking to find the family. Don’t even try to talk about dream-like stories of saving jerks like that and bringing them into heaven and setting up the family of the Kingdom of Heaven. Since they’re like this, won’t they be ruined? If they’re like that and are not ruined, it’s false.

Were you right or not to believe in Unification Church? [We were right.] Were you right to believe? [Yes.] Reverend Moon is reviled, so did you think you would be reviled more than Reverend Moon or did you think you would not be reviled? [laughter] If the mother and father are being reviled, and the sons and daughters are not reviled, then they are not filial children; they are a group of robbers. You must understand the holiness of True Parents. They existed even before the creation of the world. The realm of the ideal of True Parents must be realized by connecting all the .things of creation which were made with the substantial realm of True Parents, by absorbing all of them, by sacrificing all of the things of creation. The things of creation are for the sake of this. Do all of you know that every day you are killing the things of creation? You are thieves who cannot be forgiven. You catch and eat everything. You like vegetables, don’t you? Do you take them and eat them or not? You are thieves who are taking and eating the vegetables, the plants. You eat the plants, and then you eat everything, the animals, the insects, everything, don’t you? If that’s not being a thief, what is it? They’re not your own things, but you run around saying you ’11 eat them as though they were yours. Those are God’s things; are they yours? You even eat cows, and any kind of animals: you even eat tigers, and even eat bears. Is there anything you can’t eat? The thieving Koreans put snakes in the freezer and then boil and eat the snakes, and there’s a rumor that they even eat dogs.

People have said, “Those Koreans who eat well the things that can’t be eaten are the worst,” but the people who respect more than life the things that God has made and who eat them well are the Koreans. And one thing was left out there. One must say to God, “Thank you for having given us everything to make us healthy.” We are made so that we can eat everything. A special privilege was given to humans to be able to eat everything. There’s a special privilege, but the privilege does not extend to eating people. These days Satan has come and is having people catch people. All of the disorderly things like this must be brought into order.

   Today if I just talk about the introduction, and have lunch without even getting into the main body, it’s a little difficult, so, the name of True Parents existed from before the creation of the world, but how long has it been since the world was created using that concept? Humankind were born more than 25 million years ago. The Bible says 6,000 years. Their minds may be spinning, but they’re really spinning. It’s been tens of millions of years. No one has known the tragic situation of God having lost Adam and Eve, and not being able to make them again, and not being able to restore them for tens of millions of years.

   We don’t know the lonely and angry historical truth of that long history. God was treated contemptuously by the individuals, treated contemptuously by the families, treated contemptuously by the tribes, treated contemptuously by the peoples, and treated contemptuously by the nations and the world of the satanic world, and then later they said, “God is dead. There is no God.” Where could there be people more evil, more lacking filial piety than that? There is not one person who knows the situation of God who is being treated so contemptuously. The ministers of the established churches, the Vatican ….
   (Don’t sit down; just stand. Later it will be very crowded, why would people like such jerks sit down. There’s nothing that can be done for those who come later. (laughter) Why are you laughing? What I’m saying is right. Do you understand?)

The name of True Parents, we have not known how deep were the valleys of tears where God toiled since the fall for tens of millions of years or that if a tower were built of his grief of lamentations, it would be so high that no one could go over it. The problem is who will go over the deep valleys and the peaks of deep grief. Do you understand? Therefore God is standing in that kind of lamentable position. Hasn’t it been God who has been looking for the form of a nation and a people in order to find a family which can leave that content on this earth?

   Then which nation is able to stand as the representative nation which is able to represent all of that grief from that position? It is the nation of Israel. It is the nation of Israel which worships absolutely the one God, and then it is Korea. Korea. Do you understand? [Yes.].

You might say “What? Are you saying that Korea is the country which can be the most central mainstream in the midst of the situation of God? Reverend Moon, you’re wrong.” But on the contrary, listen to what I’m saying. Our people are such an outstanding people. Korea is the only nation in the world which has its ancestral records, it has the most detailed content. In other nations, the names of the women are recorded, but it is only Korea which keeps the ancestral records with just the men and without the women. That makes you women feel bad, doesn’t it? The women should feel bad about that. (laughter)

   This means that among women 1 the women who have _suffered are only the Korean women. When invaded at least 932 times, groups of robbers using all kinds of strength from all directions came and took things to eat and took the women, too. Then next they took the intelligent sons. That was in order to keep the lineage of the Kingdom of Heaven from being continued. God needs intelligent sons, intelligent women, and intelligent object partners. Do you know that? [Yes.]

   If we look at Korea from that position, Korea has everything that the families of any nation in the world don’t have. Even if you look at the folk songs, they have universal content which goes beyond history. “Oh, moon, oh, moon, oh, bright, shining moon, oh moon under which Lee Tae – Baek has played, there, over there, in the moon a cinnamon tree was placed, cut it down with a gold ax, trim it with a jade ax, build a thatched house with three rooms ‘ and while attending both parents, live for a thousand or ten thousand years, live for a thousand or ten thousand years.” Isn’t that beautiful? Who are your parents? There is no country which honors the parents one longs for in the midst of that kind of dream, and praises them through a folk song like this. Do you understand?

   And then what’s that? The Blue Sky, “The blue sky, the Milky Way, in a small white boat, one cinnamon tree and one rabbit 7 without a sail and without an oar, are going, and going very well to the western country.” The age of satellites has come, and it tells us about all the universe going starting from the east and going to the west, the western nations. How beautiful! The satellites have gone up, and we have flown into an age of wandering throughout the world. Do you understand? Do you like that song? [Yes.]

   And then if you look at it from the earth, there’s a filial son among filial sons. Who’s the most filial daughter of all? It’s Shim Chung. And there’s a wife who’s representative, who was that? It’s Choon Hyang. And there’s a loyal subject who was representative of loyal subjects, Lee Soon Shin. All of them demonstrate that.

Look at that. The word ‘SABBATH’ is very interesting. The Chinese letter ­_ means comfortableness and house. A woman is occupying the house. And the situation is comfortable. Korean people have not known the king of a house was a woman, and it has caused families to collapse. The letter _ in rest means woman is the king of a family. Nomen or Amen? [Amen]
   Next, the second letter in rest is _. The letter means a free mind. The rest place is where a queen serves her husband in order for him to rest all day with a free mind. Amen. Do you understand? Nan Young Moon! That ugly No Hi Park (her husband), he is very short and is getting bald these days. Well, No Hi Park! Would have you been happy or unhappy without Nan Young Moon? [Unhappy] Why? [I could not live without her] ‘Just 1ike Father says, I can serve my wife as a queen of the family, and I can rest with such a natural mind, and therefore I am happy.’ You had better interpret your situation like that. Do you understand?

You have to completely fulfill the meaning of this adjective “rest”. Then everything will be okay. Amen. It will be an eternal Amen a unique Amen. An absolute Amen and an unchanging Amen and the kingdom of Heaven will spread. A three dimensional Amen. This Amen must be eternal. Whether it is morning or evening, fall or spring, ten years, a hundred years or a thousand years you must be able to say Amen. It is only then that this becomes unique, and it becomes absolute. Do you understand? Then the unchanging eternal ideal kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world will be realized.

The husband who serves his queen, enjoys freedom in his mind, and receives the queen’s love is happy. In the middle of a dream, the feature of a queen will emerge like a flower or like a lighthouse in the garden of world unification. Mother has appeared as the queen of queens and a master of heaven and earth. In the family, a woman is like a queen. A queen of queen is one’s own wife in that she controls all things happening in the family and she also takes care of the children. Next, what is man? Man goes out to the world, addresses complex things and stands on the top of victory, Amen.

When True Parents ideal realm of rest is completed, such a world will emerge. You may be happy, if you just think about it or just dream about it. So you should always be grateful and determine to give forever. Can you give forever? The true master of the heavenly kingdom is somebody who struggles to give himself forever living a life in tears if he is unable to do so. The true teacher is the person who cries for his students and cries because he did not teach them more. Do you understand that? In the family, centered on love, crying and crying for love is the true parents, Amen. Therefore, we should be proud of the 3 great subject love, Amen. What are the 3 great subjects of love? First is the True Parents, and second is the True Teacher, and third is the True Master. That is the 3 great subjects thought. That is going forever since it is centered on God.

Kim, II Sung’s subject though was centered on humans, and it comprises a consciousness of unity, independence, and creativity. It denies humans itself.  People who believe it cannot help falling into hell. But the 3 great subjects thought by Rev. Moon is immortal, do you understand that? [Yes] Which subject thought are you going to follow? Rev. Moon’s or Kim Il Sung’s false one? The subject thought centered on humans cannot go beyond three generations at best.

However, the subject thought centered on God is amazing. It is immortal. To make one united world with that kind of pride is the mission of the unification church and an ideal era of the realm of King ship. Is your heart beating for the hope? Let’s march around the world with that hope. Even if we die on the road, we should go since we have the next generation. If first generation fails, then there is second generation, and if the second generation also fails, then the third generation is waiting. We should determine ourselves to complete our mission of our 7th generation. With that kind of determination, our family can be the resting place for the individual, family, nation, world, and God.

Do I look like a con man? Look at me. My eyes are small, and my nose shows how strong my character is, and my lips are able to speak very well, and my big body has much power, so I am equipped for a violent act. I have many talents as a boss con man or mafia. Even though I have 100%, 120%, and over 200 % possibilities to be false parents, how can you believe me? [we can feel it though our heart] To complete 3.6 million couple Blessing, I ran and ran crazily all day and night. Finally, that craziness brought the result that no one not one believed could come true. Therefore, was it accomplished by God or Satan? [God]

This is a testing time. Whether the unification church is true or false is up to the victory of the 36 million couple Blessing. If it is accomplished, 3.6 billion can be completed in a short time. Such a hope is waiting before us, so are you going to rest or just eat and sleep, or go to the beach? You should forget about it and run and run with the heart of offering your body. If you go over the top of the mountain, you will be led to the hospital in God’s palace even though you are almost dead.

Which is it, Amen or Nomen? [Amen] Do know what today is? The day of the Declaration of the Realm of Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth.  The cosmic parents are the parents of heaven and earth. Heaven which is symbolized by the father. The hands of the father are infinite. The Father is infinite and solemn. Women don’t understand the father well, do they? Toe sons and daughters fear the father when he comes home. When he gives an order everybody listens. The Father should be respected by his children. So, if the mother and sons and daughters make a house in the heart of the father, a father should have room in there. Have you become that kind of father?

Now, let’s move to the rest place. Only true love can pass freely. You should know that. Only what can pass freely? [true love] There are many toll gates on a highway. Just like that, there are lots of toll gates on the way to the heavenly kingdom, but the ticket of true love can pass freely. Do you need that ticket? [Yes} Are you going to buy, seize or borrow it? [buy] You should earn it. You should pay for it.

God is the master of individuals, the master of couples, the master of families, the master of countries, the master of the world, and the master of the universe. God wants to be the master of the person who occupies His heart. God wants a peaceful world centered on His object. According to the established faith, God is solemn, and humans are secular. But it is wrong. God’s first purpose for creation is to have His real body or real form. God needs what? [body] Why does He need it? With that real body, He wants to go down to the earth, and become a real father of a family, a real father of country, and a real father of the world. The purpose of creation is for Him to have a body. To be a real father, God started the creation. What is the first purpose of creation? To have a real body. Do you understand that?

Next, I’ll explain about the second purpose of creation. Since God is the male subject, He needed a female object body. Man should prepare to be a master in the future, and woman should prepare to be a mother and a queen of the family. In this context, all the mineral world, the plant world, and the animal world in the Garden of Eden need a subject and object, so they exist in pairs. In the animal world, male and female love each other and bear their babies. They protect them from the world and feed them through their own breast. What a lovely scene this is! Therefore, when Adam, Eve, and even the Archangel saw a scene like that, they may surely live such a life. In the Garden of Eden, everybody lives naked, right? There was no clothes factory, so they couldn’t help living naked.

However, Adam is supposed to become a master of the external world in the future, so he went out all day for hunting and learning about the external world. If you were Eve, would you be okay when your only one brother does not play with you and goes out every day? Do you think Eve cried all day or not? She cried all day. As the servant, the archangel has the mission to take care of the crying baby. His position was to serve and raise Adam and Eve, have them married, and wish them a blessing to go to the heavenly Kingdom and live forever happily. After that, the mature Adam and Eve was supposed to call the servant and say “let’s live together in our home”, then, create the spouse for the archangel. Do you understand that? If the archangel had waited for the moment, he could have got an eternal partner and lived well together with Adam’s family. But before the time, some accident happened, and history of mankind went wrong.

When Eve was crying while Adam went out, what do you think the archangel did? He could have soothed the crying Eve) carrying her on his back, singing a lullaby. He should have taken her down on his lap in order to soothe her. But, he may have been carried her on his back, and sometimes on his belly when he was tired. While doing this the archangel’s and the woman’s genitals happened to get close sometimes. From that moment, the archangel thought about making love with Eve, bearing his own baby, and enjoying a happy life just like he saw in the animal world. While he was carrying Eve on the belly, the accident happened. Do you think it is possible or it is just a story made by Rev. Moon? This is a simple conclusion. There was a free environment in the Fall. In the environment, the archangel did not abide by the heavenly law, and made Eve also fall, so there was only one way left to restore them all, which was Adam. But Adam also was captured by false love and expelled into hell.

It was made impossible to restore. So weren’t they expelled? Why were they expelled; you must understand why. In Korean ethics, if a daughter children out of marriage, would you keep in her in the house or kick her out? [Kick her out] (You haven’t been to America. If you were placed there you would have fallen. You wouldn’t fall if you know all these things.)

So after Adam and Eve fell, did God kick them out or not? He expelled them, didn’t he? The free ideal realm which can he united centering on the ideal of love in the realm of subject and object centering on the ideal of object was lost in heaven and earth. There cannot be such a thing on the stage. None of these existing beings were welcomed so everything had to be cleared up. All were expelled …

Did Adam and Eve have children after they were expelled or did they have children in Garden of Eden and then were expelled? Tell me. [They were expelled and then they had children] No, they had sons and daughters and then they were expelled. [No] Even if I threaten to kill you, you tell me the truth so I raise both bands up and taste the sorrow of the looser and retreat, do you understand? It is the same with God and Satan. You must understand that. It is possible since there is the law of heaven which can distinguish before, behind, left and right everything with the rational law.

Is there someone in the back falling asleep? I can see someone falling asleep, when I see it with my eyes.[There is no one falling asleep] It was so hot that he was fanning himself while falling asleep.[Laughter] But he wouldn’t sweat as much as I do. Let us return to the main subject. Where did we lose True Love? Did we lose it in the world or from myself? [From myself] What? We didn’t lose it from myself but we lost it from the world. [No] You peasants! We lost it from the world. In this case, you can say, ‘You, peasant Rev. Moon! We lost it from ourselves,’ you should say that. [Laughter] In this case speaking in such a manner will keep the rhythm. It is the same as conducting. If the indemnity is restored you can call me, ‘you peasant Rev. Moon, try it [laughter]. If I teach you bad things then I will be called by a bad name.

When I see it from this view point, our Unification church members are gentle and when I teach them something they understand it well, they know too well about the contents of the Satanic world and I am grieving about how to melt it. How can I make you work? I have taught you a way to find an argument to be able to say, ‘I am such a person, so why have you come to me Rev. Moon? I am like this’ and be stately when I say something to you, you act like this with an answer prepared, therefore I think there is a basis on which a deep resentment can be left. Do you understand? If I do something wrong, should you advise me or not?

 If I declare the Sabbath of God today and connect a pipe from a wine or beer factory, drinking from it 24 hours a day, pissing and if I say ‘All Unification church leaders in the world, come, I am going to give directions,’ will you come? Tell me clearly, will you come or not? [We will come] Even though there is no such content in the principle. You should not listen to Rev. Moon who behaves like that. [Father is not a person who would do that] It is a problem since a person who usually does not act like that behaves in such a way. If I was that kind of person I wouldn’t say such a thing. Is there anything I am not able to do? I can do whatever I want to do, isn’t that so? I have lots of money, power, and as an old man I am included in the handsome category. [Laughter]
   See. I told you to sell your houses and you have made a success. Who is the richest man in Korea? Jong Joo Yong] Forget Jong Joo Yong. Can he do what I am doing? He just manufactures cars and says ‘Just let me borrow, please save me’ clinging on to the sign board.  He is behaving like that.  I am not like him. He wants my help but he doesn’t realize who I am. I scold him and he only says ‘Is that so?’ Who is the son of Jong Joo Yong? Jong Mong Joon, can Jong Mong Joon do so? Humanistically he is a person who can’t do such a thing, that is how I see it. Say ‘Go away’ to him. If there are any spies from Jong Mong Joon’s group here, tell him I talked about him this way. An author is someone who creates a masterpiece out of all authors, isn’t that so?


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