Money Can Be Filthier than Dung

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Cheong Seong Gyeong 1636

Thus, if God sees Adam and Eve make love passionately even without considering Him, He as the Subject of love does not feel bad about it. Why? Because He is the Subject Being, who feels joy from His object at the place where they come together as one, and the more valuable is the love felt by His object partners, the more happiness He would feel. Would not that be the first law of love based on His creation of humankind? Hence, people cannot attain such a state unless they receive an education in this love. (51- 173, 1971.11.21)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1446

A heavenly tribal register has not been created since the time of Adam. For the first time ever, the era in which the tribal register will be drawn up is coming towards us. The era of family level registration is coming! You must realize that such an awesome and incredible era is coming. (290-167, 1998.2.18)

Non-Attachment to Wealth and Posessions

  1. Money as a Cause of Downfall

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Money can be ugly. It can be filthier than dung. People do not become evil because they are soiled with dung, but people who misuse money become wicked—filthier than dung. So I try not to use money for myself. I try to give all of it to others. (381:304, June 17, 2002)

Money can provide you with the things you desire: women, food, good clothes, and a fine house. Certainly we need money, yet money also can be a problem. When you have money, do you want to employ it to love others, or employ it to amass power? We need money, but it should be used to benefit the whole and to realize love. (116:18, December 1, 1981) Power, wealth and knowledge, which worldly people ordinarily desire, are not the necessary and sufficient conditions for peace and happiness. True happiness is not proportional to how much property you own, nor is it obtained by multiplying external comforts. The only sure way to obtain genuine peace and limitless happiness is to live for others and give to others with true love; when those deeds go around they will return to you. (294:68, June 11, 1998)

In creating the world as His object partner, God had no concept of possession. If a person has the concept that he owns things, then he cannot give more than he has. If he owns things worth one hundred dollars, he cannot give more than one hundred dollars’ worth of things. On the contrary, God creates by investing and forgetting, investing and forgetting. God can invest infinitely because he has no concept of self. Do you understand this principle? A person cannot be conscious of self when investing for his or her counterpart. To think, “This money is for me to use. This is my portion,” is Satan’s way of thinking. (287:265, 971005)

Humankind longs for a world of peace, free from war and suffering. Yet it is difficult to be hopeful when the traditional authority of national leaders and religions are supplanted by a “money solves all” mentality, which is utterly insufficient in the face of youth decline, family breakdown, drugs and AIDS. 294:61, June 11, 1998) 

The world’s developed nations, while seeking for the ultimate material civilization, have fallen into its trap. Obsession for material wealth dominates the mind and spirit; the human soul has become the slave of matter. The result is a collapse of true love. Although cities are lined with skyscrapers and the people enjoy material abundance, the lives of city-dwellers have become like a barren desert. In such desolation, an oasis of true love is nowhere to be found. Without true love, our society is a breeding-ground for selfishness.
    The most grievous victim of this selfishness is nature. The natural environment is devastated, the water and air are polluted, and even the ozone layer, which has been protecting humanity, is damaged. If this situation continues unchecked, humanity will reach the point where it cannot escape self-destruction, all due to the material civilization it has erected for itself.
    The twenty-first century is the time to return to the original world that God desires. The age of material civilization will give way to an era of spiritual civilization, where spirit and mind are ascendant.  The twenty-first century will arrive in just five years. At this juncture it is my earnest desire that developing countries do not repeat the same mistake of developed nations and fall into the trap of material civilization, but take a lesson from them and dash into a world where the mind and spirit rule. (271:95-96, August 23, 1995) 

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