Why Do We Need Money?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 909

Since the religions have failed so far to connect the spiritual and physical worlds, then making contact with the spirit world has only been possible by harmonizing with its vertical rhythm and wavelength through offering spiritual devotion. But now we have entered the broadcasting station itself. We stand in a position similar to a diaphragm, which is not the wave itself, but the transmitter of the waves. By choosing the frequency at ten, a thousand or a very short wavelength, you can send out electric waves of differing wavelengths.
Because you have a broadcasting station, then when you say, “Let all my ancestors in the spirit world come down to support me. Good ancestors, come and help me. I need that kind of vibration and resonance,” then they will come down instantly…. You can draw individuals and families just by calling them. The ancestors can move and come down now that the earth has become like a foothold which allows them to connect with the realms of the tribe, people and world.
When this phenomenon occurs, your body, which was trying to go in one direction, would turn around involuntarily and be drawn back. When the spirits come and take hold of you and guide you, then, since you would be unaware that you are caught, you would be drawn along and be none the wiser. You would feel as though you are going by your own volition. Do you believe that? This is not an empty theory. It is logical. (162- 103, 1987.3.30)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1441

Once the 160 nations are united into one, the world and cosmos will automatically come to be united as well. You must understand that Father has completed 160 nations. The question is how will you complete 160 families? How will you save 160 families as tribal messiahs? By succeeding in this, you can then be connected to the accomplishment of True Parents’ completion of 160 nations. You can then be registered. If your family is restored in this manner, then based on the 160 families, the nation would be restored as well, resulting in the simultaneous restoration of all 160 nations. That is why tribal messiahs are needed. (267-110, 1995.1.3)

Non-Attachment to Wealth and Possessions

2. Giving Away One’s Wealth and Finding Contentment with Little

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The wealth we have belongs to Heaven. It belongs to God. It belongs to those who are living for the sake of others. Therefore, let us not use our wealth for personal benefit. Otherwise, we shall perish. (399:18, December 18, 2002)

Is that handkerchief in your pocket yours? No, it does not belong to you. You think it belongs to you, but you are mistaken. You are mistaken if you think that your house belongs to you, and the land under your name. You are mistaken if you think that husband, wife, sons and daughters are your husband, your wife, and your children, and therefore you may treat them as you please. That concept of ownership is an evil way of thinking, which arose after the Human Fall. We did not know it, but behind the scenes, God has been working for thousands of years to straighten it out. Therefore, for our part, we have to deny ownership. We should give up the idea that we own anything of God’s creation. (293:172, May 26, 1998)

You should be willing to offer [to God] all your possessions without any reservation. You should be willing to burn them all, and then burn even the altar as a burnt offering. You should not feel that you are qualified to own even your personal belongings. Then, after you finish fulfilling the role of a high priest, you will reap the fruits of all your offerings. Heaven will prepare them for you.19 (342:227, January 12, 2001)

God will remember and love the person who would gather up all of America’s wealth and give it to Africa. (91:24, January 16, 1977)

When you amass wealth, do not think about using it to benefit your children. Before bequeathing it to your children, you should devote it for the sake of the world. After all, your children should live for the sake of the world. Therefore, your first priority should be to offer your wealth to the world; then you can provide for your children. God will bless you and your family if you have a heart to provide for your family members only after offering your wealth to your people and nation. Do not worry that your children will go without; God will feed them and care for them. (26:52-53, October 18, 1969)

Money is the result. Yet everyone is concerned about money without looking behind it at its cause. Why do we need money? We do not need it just to eat and live; we need it to connect with the purpose of the cause, and to connect with the world. Nevertheless, people do not have such a concept. Although they are resultant beings, people do not recognize that their purpose, and the purpose of their money, is to make the Causal Being happy. If they did, they would understand that they should use their money to serve their parents, to share with their siblings and relatives, and to benefit their nation and the world. This is a universal law.
If your nation is pleased that you are wealthy, and if your parents and siblings are pleased as well, then you can freely enjoy your wealth. Wherever you go, everyone will be pleased. But if others are resentful of your money while you alone are pleased with it, then you are bound to decline. From this perspective, business conglomerates that operate based on pragmatism, amassing great profits on the backs of their workers, will surely decline. They will be punished by Heaven. (117:101-02, February 14, 1982)

Moses lived in the opulent palace of the Pharaoh, but he belittled it, saying, “So what?” and thought more of his people. Therefore, he could become the leader of his people. (Way of God’s Will 1.3)

People in the everyday world can purchase a home, appliances, furniture, and live a comfortable life just by working eight hours a day. We Unificationists work 24 hours a day, yet we do not own our own homes and barely have enough money to live on. My goodness! We are like beggars. Do you realize that we are different from the world? We are 180 degrees different. Yet under these circumstances, are we in despair? No, we live in hope. That is our pride. (107:83, April 6, 1980) ❖

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