What Is Required to Engraft the Love of God Into Our Lives?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1983

Unification must be achieved, centering on South Korea. Then centering on the Korean peninsula, we should unify Japan, the Eve nation, and also unify China while uniting the Soviet Union with the United States. I have already laid all the foundations to achieve that goal. I have done it all. I have come to this nation and have done what was necessary in laying all the foundations in the external Cain-type world. In order to lay the foundation in the world of politics and economics, I have spent money and worked for those people until now. Soon you will see fewer and fewer people who oppose the Rev. Moon of the Unification Church. Some people in established churches oppose us. However, do they not now recognize me as the one person who will unite North and South Korea? (214-306, 1991.2.3)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1404

Beloved Heavenly Father, on this day, February 7, 1999, the Blessing of 360 Million Couples ceremony that is being closely watched by heaven and earth is being held. All humanity on earth and all Blessed Families in the spirit world are represented here, for this is the new day of the liberation of heaven and earth when we go beyond the restoration of the right of the first born, the right of the parents, and right of kingship. This is the moment when we have reached a transition point in world history in which we can fulfill Your will and Your wishes to establish a united world of the sovereignty of true love, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the God of the original ideal of creation.

Richard: We will continue this reading (prayer by Rev. Moon) in the subsequent days, as it gives an outline of God’s plan of Providence.

Asceticism, Monasticism, and Celibacy

2. Fasting

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

What does the body desire? It likes to be comfortable; that is why we are told to walk the path of suffering. Next, the body likes to eat good food; that is why religion tells us to fast. You must do the opposite of what the body desires. (40:24, February 1, 1986)

Going hungry for many days is among the most miserable and painful experiences. Yet we should transcend our hunger and yearn for God more than food.
    Unification Church members are obliged to fast for seven days. Who among you has done a seven-day fast? There are many of you! Think back on your own experience: when the seventh day arrived were you watching the clock for the moment you could eat again? Were you counting down the minutes and the seconds? When the clock struck midnight, did you think, “Hooray! At last it is time to eat!”? Or at that moment did you lift your heart to God, longing for Him? Which did you crave more, God or food? Most of you probably craved for food. But actually, when you fast you should long for God more than for food.
    During my thirties, I was hungry every single day. Do you know how much I longed to eat some food? If I even overheard someone talking about food, my mouth would involuntarily drop open and I would start to drool. Whenever that happened, I would say out loud, “G-o-d” rather than “F-o-o-d.” You should all have such experiences. Unless you fast and conquer hunger, its power will block God’s love from coming to you. (94:293, October 9, 1977)

What is required to engraft the love of God into our lives? What I fear most is the physical body. The body is the enemy. It has three supreme truths: The first is to eat. Eating when you are hungry is a truth. The problem arises when eating takes control of your life. Therefore, you should overcome the desire for food. You should establish that you love God more than eating, more than your body craves food when it is hungry. By doing so, you tap into a higher love and gain power to control your body. This is why people fast. Even Jesus fasted for forty days. All the prophets and founders of religion fasted…
    The second truth is sleep. You should win over sleep. How can you find God’s love by overcoming sleep? The test comes when you are getting sleepy; then you can show that you love God more than you like to sleep. Many prophets and saints exerted themselves to the utmost fighting against sleep. They would do all kinds of things to stay awake, even stab their legs with a knife, because they regarded sleep as the enemy. You, too, should adore God in a place where you overcome sleep. I slept less than two hours a day every day for more than seven years. God’s love can approach you when you go over the boundary line of hunger and desire to sleep…
    The third truth is sex… (94:275, October 9, 1977)

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