The Family Is the Smallest Unit that Connects the Past, the Present and the Future

Cheon Seong Gyeong 271

    How can I declare the coming of True Parents? The democratic world and the communist world are brothers, Abel and Cain. The two worlds are like two sons and yet they are fighting. But since I have reconciled the two fighting sons and stood in the position where I could be welcomed, I was finally able to return to Korea with the special authority of the Parents and I declared the coming of the True Parents throughout the nation.
    This news is spreading throughout the whole world. The CIA in America is supposed to make a daily report on my whereabouts. It is the same in the Soviet Union. So, they surely know about me!
    The fact that True Parents have been declared in this way places me in a global position. Everything that has been prepared in the world is waiting to be engrafted onto Korea.
    What is the problem? We must quickly achieve “the unification of my nation.” The people of Korea are waiting to be engrafted onto the unified foundation. This is precisely how it is. (204-187, 1990.7.8)

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1051

I try to warmly treat those who come, even if we were to starve. If they have reached a certain level of spirituality, say one hundred, we will be struck and judged if we treat them any less. In those situations, you should treat such people two, three, five, even ten times greater than their level. You will not go to ruin by doing so. God will be deeply impressed saying, “This fellow is better than Heaven!” (56-38, 1972.5.10)


The Basic Form of Life

3. A Complete Family Has a Spherical Form

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

To exist in the spatial dimension, human beings need to stand in relation to what is above and below, right and left, front and back… Centering on the individual, in the family there are parents and children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters. Similarly, in the nation, centering on the leader, families should embrace all the civilizations of East and West and all the civilizations of North and South. Then they can embrace all people of the world as brothers and sisters. Ultimately we will form a global family at every level.
    Thus, the core concept of the universe is the concept of the family. Heaven represents parents. Earth represents children. East symbolizes man, West symbolizes woman. That is why, when a woman gets married, she usually follows wherever her husband goes. Nevertheless, they have equal value—when the west reflects the sunlight, it has the same value as the east. The relationship of brothers is the same. When the older brother works on some task, the younger brothers naturally help him.
    Therefore, human beings should exist within relationships of parents and children, husband and wife, and elder and younger siblings. And these three relationships meet at one central point. There can be only one center. Above and below, right and left, and front and back should not have different centers. If the central point is different, then the balance of the relationships between above and below, right and left, and front and back will be broken. Eventually, above, below, right, left, front, back and the central point all together comprise seven positions. In a harmonious and unified family these seven form a perfect sphere; they constitute a God-centered family with all elements united in perfect true love. (True Family and World Peace, June 16, 1997)

An ideal family is one whose family members are united as one centered on their parents and in attendance to God.
    Conjugal love is a horizontal relationship; therefore a husband and wife should align their love on the vertical axis of God’s love. God is the owner of parental love, children’s love, husband’s love and wife’s love. God’s love is the ideal love. Since God is the subject of love, if we become one with God, we can always embody God’s love. Then we can create an ideal family that will never break apart for eternity. It is logical.
    Parental love is focused on children and children’s love is connected to parents. A husband’s love is connected to his wife, and a wife’s love is connected to her husband. These different types of love cannot become one by themselves. The subjective force that can unify them is God’s love. Once the Subject dwells in them, they all automatically become one. Conversely, without God, human love is self-centered and cannot bring unity.
    Although the family members have diverse relationships with each other, when they are united in love, they are equally close to one another. Hence there is equality among them. Why? They participate in a unified entity with a spherical form. The cause and result become one; and the vertical and the horizontal become one; God and the family members become one. In the world that runs on the power of love, there is nothing but love. Whatever they do, there is nothing but love. Such is the ideal world. When families on earth reach that state, they create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This is the ideal of God.
    Based on this principle, I teach you to respect your parents as God. Husbands should respect their wives as God, and wives should regard their husbands as God. Parents should value their children as God. Likewise, you should experience God as your Parent, your Wife, your Husband, and your Child. This is the path to the Kingdom of God. (89:154-55, November 7, 1976)

Why does a wife weep when her husband dies? Why are people sorrowful if they have no sons or daughters? The fundamental principle of the universe is that we have to possess all the directions of the compass.
    Ideal relationships generate the very power that enables the universe to exist. Therefore, everything engages in give and take. The North Pole and the South Pole engage in give and take; the stars have give and take with each other. In sum, everything exists in relationship to a counterpart.
    The ideal for any existing being is to engage in complete give and take, and thereby gain the support of the universe. We say that it has the support of ‘heavenly fortune.’ This is the universe’s supporting power that surrounds the existing being and maintains its existence forever. All existence cooperates with it.
    Therefore, it will not do if a family has no children. These days in the West, many people think that children are unnecessary. But just let them wait until they go to the spirit world; then they will see whether what I say is true. Wherever a person stands, there is always an above (parents) and a below (children). Everyone needs to pass through the number 3, that is, through these three stages, (70:76-77, February 8, 1974)

The family is the smallest unit that connects the past, the present and the future. A family is like a microcosm of the world. Within it the past, the present and the future are linked together—this refers to the interdependence of grandfather, father and son. When a son has children and becomes a father, at the same moment the father becomes a grandfather. These three generations—representing the past, the present and the future—should be united as one. Such a family can establish a base for lasting happiness. It has the power to repulse Satan’s attacks, regardless of the turmoil in the world. (28:162, January 11, 1970)


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