Keeping Company with Bad Friends Can Ruin Your Entire Life

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 323

When the wind of love blows, the whole world seems beautiful. Everyone becomes a poet or a romantic when he or she falls deeply in love. (145-317, 1986.10.26)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 721

    When we die, we will find a railroad track in the spirit world. The railroads in the spirit world are like those on earth passing across national borders. They must be neither too narrow nor too high. They must be the right fit. No religious teaching other than that of the Unification Church knows such things. However proud Christians may be, they are unaware of these facts. Did Jesus ever talk about the spirit world?
    In this twentieth century era, we boast about our cutting-edge science. We pursue the formal logic of development, but there is no place other than the Unification Church where we verify the existence of God with a religious theory developed through formal processes. (210-225, 1990.12.23)




2. Wisdom in Choosing Friends

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Keeping company with bad friends can ruin your entire life. Therefore, from ancient times people have been taught to be careful in selecting friends. This wisdom applies across the ages and countries of the world.
    No one finds it easy to be considerate of others when he finds himself in a difficult circumstance. This is common to everyone. When people are in bad straits, and to avoid more suffering, they may take advantage of their friends. Catching their friends unawares, they may deceive them and use them, to their hurt.
    Considered in this light, who on earth can you trust? It is difficult to find a friend with genuine integrity, on whom you can rely. Although you believe a person to be your good friend, he might step on you and take advantage of you if his circumstances press on him. For this reason, selecting your close friends, and choosing who to build a good relationship with, is a most difficult question. (91:29-30, January 2, 1977)

When you make a friend, is he someone who works and aspires for a better future? Or does he live only for today, without any ambition? Friends who lack ambition will cause you to decline as time goes by. Therefore, make relationships with better friends in order to build up your future. (32:14, June 14, 1970)

Do any of you want a friend who is strongly inclined to self-indulgence? Is a friend who always cares about only him or herself a good friend or a bad friend? Why bad? That kind of person sows divisions and discord. He separates his friends from their families, clans, and networks of relationships. That kind of person blocks relationships, just like a pulling down a window-shade blocks the view out of a window. You should clearly understand why such a friend is bad. Evil connects with self-indulgence…
    You want a good friend, right? You do not want bad friends, do you? Is a friend who says, “Skip your meal and forget about school! Come out and play!” a good friend? Rather, a good friend would feed you if you did not eat at mealtime, and a good friend would encourage you to go to school even if you do not want to go. That is a good friend; he is in every way the opposite of a bad friend. Here we distinguish the good from the evil. (36:69, November 15, 1970)

Analyze each of your friends—one friend is like this and another is like that. Study and compare your friends of different types. Is this one calm, or arrogant, or strong, or indecisive? Select three or four of them and verify whether your judgment of them was correct. (54:177, March 24, 1972)


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