Marriage Is Not Mainly for the Man or for the Woman

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#111-Jamal Johnson; Having Sex Outside of Marriage Is Bad for Society

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2066

Originally, when I went to America, I told them that, in the age of tong ban breakthrough activities, they should center on the teachers and talk to each high school, middle school and even elementary school teacher one by one. All of that is part of the strategy to connect to the parents of the students. That’s why we’ve made the VOC organization and the Citizens Federation and other such organizations. You should have put these into operation. By not doing this, the communists have run wild doing what they wanted, and left behind scenes of death everywhere. Didn’t I fight alone against all this? (207-169, 1990.11.9)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1803

   It is said you will reap what you sow. Since Adam and Eve fell while they were in their youth in the Garden of Eden, families have been completely destroyed until there is not a single family in the world that God could claim as His own. These are the Last Days. That is indeed the reality today.
    Do the American people have a view of the world? They have no worldview. Do they have a view of the nation? No. Not to mention a view of society, they do not have a view of the tribe, people or family. They deny their mothers and fathers. That is individualism – returning to the position of the archangel, the devil. Man denies woman and woman denies man. Since the Last Days have come, Satan must expose himself in the end.
    Thus, Satan destroyed the family completely. There is no way for Satan or God to solve the problems of juvenile delinquency and family breakdown. If God could, He would have done so at the time of Adam’s family in the Garden of Eden.
    Can God, who was not able to interfere in the Garden of Eden, do anything about this perishing world? Who must bear the responsibility for this? As the false parents, who were made to fall in ignorance ruined things in this way, the True Parents must completely understand everything, God’s secrets and Satan’s secrets, and expose Satan’s secrets before God, saying, “You thug, you turned out to be a murderer!” Wouldn’t even a murderer in hiding slip away from the human world forever, when the proof of his crime is revealed, his crimes declared for what they are, and he is pronounced guilty? It is the same; the reality today is exactly the same as this situation. (302-224, 1999.6.14)



Conjugal Love

4. Marriage Is a Sacred Partnership, Aligning Two Human Beings with the Divine Image

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Marriage blends men and women into the semblance of the divine unity, so that human beings might fully become the image of God. God created human beings and all things for the purpose of consummating His love. Where do you consummate that love? It is while you live on earth, in the relationship between husband and wife, in the family. That is why your wedding day is the most joyful day in your lives. (123:217, January 2, 1983)

We do not marry for ourselves, but for the sake of another. What do I mean in saying that marriage is for the other rather than for ourselves? Heaven and earth abide in a relationship between subject and object. By this principle, marriage between a man and a woman participates in the joining of heaven and earth.
    With the man on the right side and the woman on the left side, their marriage symbolizes the fulfillment of all the horizontal relationships in the universe. Since the man as the subject partner is above, and the woman as the object partner is below, their marriage represents the fulfillment of the vertical relationship between God and human beings. Therefore, marriage is not mainly for the man, nor mainly for the woman. It is rather to accord with heavenly law. This is also the reason why men and women were created differently; they were born to accord with heavenly law. (101:38-39, October 28, 1978)

When a man and a woman embrace in perfect love, they bring perfection to the universe. Were their love to shatter, it would shatter the order of the universe and bring chaos to the vertical world. (118:32, April 26, 1982)

Look at this world: The mineral kingdom has positive and negative ions, the plant kingdom has stamen and pistil, and the animal kingdom has male and female. Scientists have found that even germs are male and female. God created all things so that they can become one at their particular level centering on love. Seeing this universe of pairs, we understand that they are that way so that all can be linked to the love of a man and a woman, who come together representing heaven and earth. Thus all things celebrate the love of human beings.
    Just as we lay a foundation before building a house, God created the entire pair system as the foundation for human beings to love. Doesn’t human love have many qualities in common with the love of animals? For instance, if a male and female are going along together and the female is attacked, the male will risk its life to defend the female. When they have offspring, they will risk their lives to defend them. Human love is that way because the foundation on which it was created is that way. (222:123, October 28, 1991)

Marriage is the union of all virtues of heaven and earth. Encompassing vertical and horizontal, left and right, and front and back, it is the completion of the whole. Marriage is where we perfect the ideals of children, siblings, husband and wife, and parents. For this reason, had Adam and Eve become a true husband and wife, they would have been the parents most beloved of God. They would have stood in the position of the second creators, inheriting everything that God experienced as the First Creator. Through raising their children, they would have developed the heart of love as God’s representatives. After attaining that heart through direct experience, they would profoundly understand and empathize with their children as they in turn traversed the positions of children, siblings, husbands and wives, and parents.
    Their marriage and conjugal love as husband and wife was to be the origin and starting-point of God’s love, life and lineage in human beings. It was to be the starting-point for fulfilling God’s ideal, the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.

Richard:  Wow!  The pupose of marriage is not primarily for the man or for the woman, but to be in agreement and alignment with heavenly law.  That is a powerful concept.



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