The Equality of the Sexes Originates from the Relationship of Love

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1972

When we observe the birthplace of civilizations from a geographical point of view, we see that they developed based on the conditions of climate, during the course of world history. Then what kind of place is most ideal? We can conclude that the ideal location is one that has four seasons and connects the sea to the land. In terms of climate, it should be a region with four seasons. It should be a peninsula, as well as a region where the four seasons are distinct. What is a peninsular region? The land symbolizes heaven, and the water symbolizes the sea. The peninsula connects these two. That is the reality of the world. That is how it works with all the principles of heaven and earth. In that sense, the Italian peninsula, as a peninsular region, contributed to world culture. This was the first great staging-post for past civilizations. You should be aware that this peninsular civilization centered on Rome, a region with an integrated civilization, had emerged with the authority of the past ages in history. It had also passed through the Egyptian civilization and Greek civilization to become a comprehensive area. (107-300, 1980.6.8)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 770

    On the day you are really born as God’s son…. Amongst the innumerable stars, do you think there is a realm of diamond stars or not? Think about it. You want to have diamonds, don’t you? You can’t say there isn’t a star made just of gold. It is possible. How rich God, our Father, is! Have you ever thought about that? We can travel this infinite universe in a moment. Are you interested? Are you truly interested? If so, what we need to do is observe the normative laws in accordance with God’s commands: “Don’t do this!” or “Do that!” This is possible only when you observe what God says to do or not to do. It is only logical that this becomes impossible if you live according to your selfish desires.
    Can you abide by what God says to do or not to do? Since human beings have duality, they consist of mind and body. Since the mind is the subject partner, and the body the object partner, mind and body must be united. Is that right or wrong? (116-174, 1982.1.1)



Ethics of Married Life

2. Relations between the Sexes: Different Responsibilities but Equality in Love

The equality of the sexes originates from the relationship of love. Is a woman a match for her husband in physical strength? Can she equal him in jumping? Externally, a man is better than a woman in many respects. Yet a woman is better in expressing love; this makes them equal. There is equality between the sexes—between woman and man—only through love. (209:208, November 29, 1990)

Can a woman win over her husband in a fistfight? She cannot. Can she defeat him by using force? If she uses force, she will be defeated every time. However, even force is under the dominion of love. When a woman embraces her husband with love, he may pull her and push her, but then he lifts her up and they spin round and round.
    For example, I can hold True Mother in my arms and spin her round and round. She says, “I’m so dizzy!” but she is happy. Maybe I will kick her playfully, but even as she complains, “Why are you lifting me up and spinning me around?” she is joyful. We pay no attention to the movements of our feet and our bodies as we spin around in the bosom of love; it is pure ecstasy. (137:217, January 3, 1986)

When you couples begin your families, it is good if the husband leads a public life and the wife is in charge of the home.18 (Blessing and Ideal Family 7.3.3)

A wife should be obedient and supportive of her husband. Of course, for this to work, the husband should fulfill his responsibility [toward her]. (Blessing and Ideal Family 7.1.6)

Wives, do you resent your loving husband for being in a higher position than you? Husbands, do some of you dislike your beloved wife because she is better than you? The two of you are one. One! Once you become one, you can freely go wherever you want: you can come up from below, come down from above, or stay in the middle. There are no obstacles. (91:141, February 6, 1977)

In your family, do you respect your father but regard your mother as insignificant? Do you celebrate your father’s birthday magnificently but do not even remember your mother’s birthday? Even nonbelievers know that the relationship between husband and wife should be harmonious like heaven and earth.

Harmony arises when opposites come together. There is harmony among your eyes, nose, ears and lips because opposites come together. Likewise, only when a father and mother come together can they embrace everything in the world. The father alone cannot do it; it is impossible.
    These days the world puts the man first. Therefore we must promote a movement for women’s liberation, one that deals with the fundamental issue. In the Principle perspective, the husband should obey his wife for the first three years of marriage. That is the proper course of restoration. Since Adam and Eve fell together, they must climb up together through a path of re-creation. (21:194, November 20, 1968)

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