The Relationship of Husband and Wife Should Be Eternal

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Cheon Seong Gyeong2039

It has been four years since I asked you to develop your local tong and ban breakthrough activities. You good-for nothings! Do I have to give you money? You say you love your country, so do I still have to finance you? I’ve sponsored you up until now by selling my blood, my land, and my home.
    I’ve served my country, sacrificing my wife and children, all my brothers and sisters, and my relatives. If the Unification Church members, who follow and emulate the heavenly tradition, don’t know the way to go and are neglectful of their attitude and conduct, they will bring their nation into ruin. I expect that some of you will collapse in front of me. (185-63, 1989.1.1)
Richard:  Here, Rev. Moon is very frustrated that those who understand the New Truth and have received the Blessing, have not, by and large, followed God’s mandate to do Home Church and tong ban activities.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1612

In the same way the Israelites followed closely behind Moses, the time has come for you to leave this hell on earth and migrate to God’s kingdom; thus, you need to follow a course tantamount to crossing a wilderness. It is the same principle as that of selling everything you have in your current place of residence, which represents Egypt. You would do so in order to prepare funds to enter and establish your hometown. Simply put, you should sell everything you have and pack up, for you will be part of a great exodus.



Ethics of Married Life

4. Divorce is Hateful to God; Spouses Should Be Faithful ‘Till Death and Beyond

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

When man and woman became husband and wife, their relationship should be eternal. If the beginning was good, the end also should be good. It should remain constant. If you were happy in the beginning, you should be happy at the end. (86:109, March 14, 1976)

Children who grow up in a loving home become anxious and distressed if hear that their parents want to divorce. Good children will claim, “I am your child, the union of both of you. You should make any kind of compromise for me. Please be the great parents I know you are. I need you.” We should teach young people that this claim is just: their parents have no right to divorce due to their parental responsibility for their children.
Because of their love for their children, parents do not have any right to even contemplate divorce. Young people in this country should assert their rights and launch an anti-divorce movement. (October 23, 1977)

Young people: do not think that if you do not like their spouse you can choose to divorce her. The universe is not made that way. If you value yourself, you should value love just as much. Therefore once you are bound together as husband and wife, you have to maintain that relationship for eternity. All human beings are destined to walk this path. That is where the value of a human being lies. (117:292, April 11, 1982)

God is the absolute being. God is one, not two. Adam and Eve had the characteristics of God, so they were also absolute beings. Adam was created with God’s male characteristics, and Eve was created with God’s female characteristics—these characteristics are absolute. The love that can unite the inner [male] and outer [female] characteristics is absolute love; even God obeys it absolutely.
Therefore love regards each husband and wife as the one and only couple in the universe. They are absolute, eternal and unchanging. Yet because couples do not understand this principle, they divorce. As long as you maintain your foundation in this principle, you can never divorce. (226:171, February 4, 1992)

Why do a husband and wife fight? They fight because they each want to receive love. Couples who only want to receive love will not last. A family whose members only want to receive love will fall apart. But a family whose members are determined to give love to each other will not break down. It will survive, even if others wish it ill. Love that prompts us to live for each other is eternal love. (36:76, November 15, 1970)

If a wife is boastful and despises her husband, she puts herself in hell. What is hell? It is the universe’s trash can [for people who lack love]. However, even if a wife is on the verge of plunging into the deepest hell, if she has a righteous husband who holds on to her hand, saying, “I will stay with you, no matter what,” then she will not go to hell. The same is true when a wife does that for her husband. This is the gospel of all gospels. (161:324, March 8, 1987)

When a bride-to-be or husband-to-be is asked, “How long will you love your spouse?” If he or she answers, “As long as my spouse is young,” would their partner be happy with that? Rather, the answer should be, “I will love my spouse until death, and further, for eternity.” Eternity encompasses the future and beyond. When you say that you will love your spouse until your death, it means that you will love and give everything you have to him. Am I right? The term, “eternity” covers all, and “until death” means to love everything about your spouse. We can be satisfied with nothing less. (37:24, December 22, 1970)

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