Only One Man and One Woman Can Share First Love

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2104

In order for us to inherit the entire providence of God, we have to be loyal to heavenly tradition. With faith in the tradition, what do we have to do? We must take responsibility for His providence. After taking responsibility, we must carry out reformation. If this tradition is not right before Father, and if we are to pass on that tradition to everyone, we must strive to eliminate the contradictions within the social environment. Otherwise, there will be no development. You will have to bear in mind even more clearly that in order to inherit such historical connections and fulfill the responsibility of a pioneer of the age, we must inherit the historically pure tradition of God’s providence of restoration, bear such responsibility in the current environment of our daily life, and move forward in order to build the foundation for a new ideal for the future. (152-196, 1963.5.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2104

    They are even making preparations to welcome me in Kodiak, Alaska. I was victorious in the fierce battle and struggle in the Philippines. The battle should have been carried out by Japan. But instead, it was carried out there. Japan is a kingdom of island nations, with close to seven thousand islands. It would take forty years just to visit each island every two days. In fact, Japan has the same number as that of the Federation of Island Nations. So if necessary, I can cut away Japan and place the Philippines in her place.
    The same is true for Taiwan. Taiwan is China’s Eve nation. The Philippines is America’s Eve nation. Before the Second World War, the Philippines were occupied by America. It was occupied and divided by Japan and America. (295- 209, 1998.8.28)



Ethics of Married Life

5. The Trouble with Polygamy

The possession of many wives undermines a man’s moral nature.
    Srimad Bhagavatam 11.3 (Hinduism)

You will not be able to deal equally between your wives, however much you wish to do so.*
    Qur’an 4.129
Whoever has many wives will have troubles in surfeit.
He will be deceitful, he will lie, he will betray to have them together;
It is not certain that he can have peace to pray well.
    Yoruba Poem (African Traditional Religions)

Teachings of Rev.  Sun Myung Moon

When a woman marries a man, should she have relationships with only one man, or with hundreds? There must be only one man in her life. Why only one? It is for true love. In order to achieve absolute true love, we marry only one person. (122:234, November 14, 1982)

There is only one person in the universe whom you are meant to marry. Therefore, consider that you and your spouse are the only two people in the universe. You should abide in that first love, which only one man and one woman can share. Then God will abide with you. (265:251, November 23, 1994)

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