Marriage Is to Establish a Family with Children

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1824

Do you know why I am so interested in the ocean? It is because the ocean is the key to opening the path of peace for humanity in the future. It is also the key to prosperity. Doing what? How can the ocean provide prosperity? Is having a good meal or having three meals a day living in prosperity? What does it mean to live in prosperity? It is to eat healthy food, lead a healthy life, and live with good health throughout one’s lifetime. It is to fulfill one’s desires with the world as one’s stage. Have I not laid all the foundations for that to happen? (189-295, 1989.6.17)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1957

Satan had in his grasp what God loved most: Great Britain, America, and France. These countries in the satanic world came to stand in the lowest position of the servant of servants. Since I could not abandon these nations, I had no choice but to restore them. I had to go and find the tail of the devil, Satan, who played the part as the leader who opposed the heavenly way and kingdom. Since Satan had the head in his grasp, I had to search at the very bottom. That is why I went to the wilderness and chose Japan, which Satan loved the most, to be the Eve nation. There was no other way. (242-201, 1993.1.1)



Parental Love

  1. The Essential Value of Children

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Once we marry, we should have children. Some may think that it does not matter whether or not we bear children. But that is not the case. Unless we bear children, we cannot fulfill the will of love. 968 There are four directions of love: east, west, north and south, around the center. When love is centered, its root can spread in all four directions and support the tree. (214:12, February 1, 1991)

Why do we need children? It is to know God’s love, His love as our Parent. We need children to know how to attend [God] as our Parent… So we should not only give orders to our children, we should attend them and live for them [as God lives for us]. Only then can we comprehend God’s love.
    We need our children as a textbook. Without children, we are incomplete. We cannot know God’s love because we cannot know how much God loves human beings, His children. Just as we cannot know the love of a husband or wife unless we become a husband or a wife, we cannot know parental love for children until we become parents. God created us so that we can learn to love by relating with each other. Hence if we do not have children, we cannot become true parents. (133:138-39, July 10, 1984)

Mothers and fathers cannot achieve unity without children. Why do parents prefer their children’s love? They cannot help it. Mother and father love each other as they love their children together, not just individually. It forms a rope of love that binds mother and father into one. A chain made of iron will eventually rust and break, but the rope of love lasts forever. Neither money nor food can bind parents and children. Only love can bind them. (18:329, August 13, 1967)

What is marriage for? It is to establish a family with children. If you do not have children, your relationship may begin to deteriorate. Only after giving birth to children can your family be secure. Even if a husband might want to divorce his wife out of resentment, if his wife gives him a son, he cannot easily divorce. He feels committed to keep his family intact. For the sake of our families, we should have children. (23:25, May 11, 1969)

You should love your children more than you love your spouse. (130:163, January 8, 1984)

If you women are asked, “Who do you like better, your husband or your children?” the correct answer should be, “My children.” You can divorce your husband, but you cannot separate from your children. Even if you were to disown them and have their names removed from the record of your family tree, you would still be connected to them in lineage. After divorcing your husband, you might forget him. Yet if you were separated from your children, as time goes by you would miss them more and more. Anyone who has children can understand this. (18:112, May 28, 1967)

Parents want their children to be better than themselves. No parent wants his children to be inferior to him. A good-looking man and a beautiful woman married each other and bore a homely child. Yet if you say to them, “Your child is better looking than you are,” they are happy. It is true. No parent would take offense at that statement. (77:102, April 1, 1975)

True Mother (Mrs. Moon) gave birth to thirteen children. She once remarked, “Nothing in the world has given me more pleasure than giving birth to my babies and nursing them at my breast. Now that I have grown old, I look back on those times as the most pleasurable of my life.” (44:199, May 7, 1971)

There is no multiplication in the spirit world. The multiplication of children happens only on earth. The earth is the only place where the citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom can be multiplied. That is why on earth, you should give birth to many children, centering on God’s true love. (218:200, July 28, 1991)

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