Only a Comprehensive Understanding of God’s Will Can Illuminate the Solution to the Crisis We Are Facing

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2208

Walk the way of loyalty unswervingly all the days of your lives. As much as the people around you criticize you, to that degree our sphere of activity will expand toward the global level. Today we have to grapple with our local state of affairs, but as our situation eases, we will start to take on global issues. Let us therefore hasten the day on which God can proudly welcome and bless His sons and daughters who exemplify loyalty to the world. Only thus will the peace of the Sabbath break out all over Korea for the first time. When the thirty million people of this country have accomplished their duty of loyalty to the world, and all the world’s peoples acknowledge that had been able to become God’s sons and daughters with the help of Korea, and subsequently fulfill their own duty of loyalty, then, for the first time, the foundation for the Sabbath in Korea will have been laid. (155-263, 1965.10.31)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1279

The Holy Wedding Blessing Ceremony is not simply a wedding through which a man and woman come together and form a family. Until now, all weddings were centered on the people get- ting married, but our wedding ceremony is a significant condition necessary to indemnify history. Therefore, in returning joy to God, we conduct the ceremony solemnly and splendidly. The Divine Principle clearly explains to us that our wedding ceremonies alleviate the grief of God caused by the Fall of Adam and Eve, and establish the true standard of husband and wife, which Jesus was not able to achieve. (22-212, 1969.2.4)


The Moral Foundation of Society

3. The Foundation of God and Religion

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

This land can revive only if people appear who will open their eyes anew and look towards Heaven. That, we believe, is the purpose of this movement. Therefore, we earnestly pray, may we become the people who can take responsibility for the world’s revival.3 (5:278, February 15, 1959)

It will be difficult to preserve social prosperity and maintain a peaceful order in the world as long as political sovereignty operates apart from moral and spiritual values. (359:143, November 6, 2001)

God blesses those nations that lift up religious values to lead politics, just as each citizen strives for oneness between his or her mind and body. Only by doing so will nations come to practice the principle of living for the sake of others. Yet politicians still look only to the earth, blind to Heaven’s authority. Communist leaders tried for seventy years to establish prosperity without God, and now their nations are bankrupt. Likewise, the West is plagued by recession, crime and social decay; its problems will not be solved until its leaders open their eyes and discover their true cause. (234:225, August 20, 1992)

There have been many dictators in history. Many politicians have taken advantage of their position to benefit themselves and their family, and some have even attempted to control the world—all to satisfy selfish desires so huge as to exceed what their tribe or nation could give them. Nations have traditionally led their people with political power. They defined what was good for their people as political strength. They used their power to conquer the weak, add to their territory and expand the scope of their control.
    On the other hand, the central theme of religions down through history is philanthropy. Religions are, broadly speaking, on the side of God. Therefore they teach such virtues as love, benevolence, righteousness and goodness. Their purpose is not self-aggrandizement. Rather, religions invest all their efforts for the benefit of others and strive for the welfare of the world. They work to transform this evil world into Heaven’s world by promoting a spirit of reconciliation. (213:7, January 13, 1991)

We should recognize that our present crisis stems from our neglect or denial of God. Communism failed because it denied the existence of God. America, likewise, will suffer greatly if she does not reclaim her spiritual heritage. Even Christianity, when it loses sight of God, will be powerless to stop the world’s decline. Diverse fields such as philosophy, economics, politics and the arts can attain their true potential for human betterment only when they realize their purpose in the light of God. Thus, the key to solving today’s problems is to find God. Only a comprehensive understanding of God’s Will and Providence can illuminate the solution to the crisis we are facing today. (262:234-35, July 26, 1994)

Now the time has come for America to awaken once again. It is time to develop a new movement of nation-building by seeking for God-centered true parents, true families, true nations and a true world. God is about to leave America, and only sincere efforts to attend God4 will keep Him from departing. God prepared for six thousand years before He settled on America. He does not really want to leave America; where else would He go?
    When America properly attends God, all its problems—family breakdown, corrupt ethics, immorality among youth, and racial conflict—will be solved of their own accord. America is the land where all five races should be living together in harmony. It is supposed to be the model for the Kingdom of God on earth. (True Family and World Peace, January 22, 2000)

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