Be Ready to Do the Most Painful, Unpleasant Work

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1759

The eyes are not placed where they are by accident, but based on the perpendicular. It does not look good for a person to have slanted eyes. They should be perpendicular. The nose symbolizes Adam and Eve, the eyes God, and the teeth creation. There are thirty-two teeth, and four times eight is thirty-two, symbolizing the entire creation. All these visual aspects come to fruition not at the head but at the sexual organ. The sexual organ is the palace of all types of nerves. You would know this if you studied physiology. (190-130, 1989.6.18)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1384

I am not just a figurehead. I am speaking about this for the first time ever. I have matched countless numbers of people. I’m telling you this because the time has come for me to get out of this. There were rumors that I was a crazy man because I set the numbers of couples in advance. Now the record shows that I have blessed 360,000 couples, and even when others doubt me, crying, “What is up with that man?” you will still have faith in me. I am telling you the truth. I have never spoken about this until now. This is the first time. My hands move without my knowing it; they just move by themselves. No one knows about this. My hands just reach towards the pictures naturally without hesitation. (272-41, 1995.8.30)


Patriotism and Public Service

1. The Duty of Citizens to Serve Their Country

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

When you belong to a nation, you must know how to love all its citizens. (1:336, December 30, 1956)

What kind of person is a patriot? A patriot wants his country only to flourish. He would rather that his country not have any problems to be concerned about. But since he has a loving mind towards his country, when he sees a problem he takes full responsibility in dealing with it. (161:133, January 18, 1987)

People who silently do public duties and serve their community and nation become its owners, wherever they may go. (5:16, November 9, 1958)

Be ready to do the most painful, unpleasant work. When you see the filthiest place in your neighborhood, think, “I should be cleaning it up.” (284:154, August 1, 1993)

Take on the most difficult task for your nation; take on the most difficult task for your church; and take on the most difficult task for the world: If you don’t go this way willingly, you remain as a servant and cannot reach the realm of an adopted son. You have to be willing to digest all these tasks with joy. (113:111, May 1, 1981)

Individuals should not take advantage of their nation; on the contrary, individuals should willingly let their nation take advantage of them, offering themselves for their nation’s benefit. That is our duty as citizens. We should encourage all the people of our nation to take this direction. (24:20-21, June 22, 1969)

We must eliminate the basis of evil—including greed, decadence, distrust and false love—from society at every level—family, community, nation, world and universe—through practicing sacrifice, service, honesty, and true love centering on God. (167:100, June 30, 1987)

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