You Should Not be Halfhearted About Your Work

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2034

    Home Church is the place to settle accounts. That is where I can combine all the things I have fought for over the last 40 years and settle those accounts. Therefore, you can say to your church leader, “I’m not going to service today because of Home Church”, If you say this so you can work hard for your Home Church, he can’t say you were absent from church service. It is the age where Home Church is the top priority.
    If you ask what kind of church Home Churches should be in the future, the answer would be that your Home Churches should become tribal churches. Our goal is not the Home Church, but is to develop toward the tribal church. If you combine the tribal churches, then all the Kim and Park tribes will naturally form a race. If the Kims, Parks, and Moons all make a good foundation to restore the tribe, it will naturally develop into a nation. That will happen. From te church of a tribe to a church of one people, to a national church, to a global church, to a universal church: this is how things are connected. (141-221, 1986.2.22

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1699

When considering the fundamentals of the universe, God created the universe through the concept of male and female, based on the ideal of reciprocity. Until now, people have not known this. (300-217, 1999.3.14)
Richard:  Simple, right?  You would think so.  Yet today’s entire societal downfall centers on this very thing.  I wish that more people were listening to Rev. Moon.  Check out this Declaration of the Family that I drafted in 2009.  If only more people would have paid attention!



  1. All Work Is Sacred and in the Service of Heaven

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Whatever I do on earth, even working in a factory, is material to enrich my eternal life. (216:127-28, March 9, 1991)

You should not be halfhearted about your work. If you are, you will never amount to more than an errand boy, and an errand boy can never establish himself. So, when you work, you should invest all of your heart in it.
    Think that you were born for the work, as if it were your eternal spouse.15 In order to make the relationship with your spouse absolute and eternal, it requires investing and forgetting, investing and forgetting. Likewise, only by your investment will you form an absolute relationship with your work. (330:117-18, August 14, 2000)

Economic activity sets up a relationship between the worker and the materials he works with. You should love the things you make and sell; they are your object partners. By doing business with them and loving them, you impute to them a value equal to yourself. Thus, if you are worth 100, then each product of your business will also be worth 100. If you are worth 1,000, then your product—even a small, inexpensive pocketbook—will be worth 1,000. Why does a fountain pen that once belonged to a famous person sell for thousands of dollars at auction? Even though it was for his casual use, it holds that person’s love as his object partner, which imputes to it his great value. (102:126, November 27, 1978)

Rather than regarding an industry as important, we should place greater value on the people who work in that industry. Rather than regarding science as important, we should place greater value on the scientists. Rather than regarding art as important, we should place greater value on the artists.
    But, what is the current trend? An industry is valued, but not its workers; science is valued, but not its scientists; art is valued, but not artists; diplomacy is valued, but not diplomats. The human beings in each field are devalued. What happened to the people? They have been devalued. (99:116; September 10, 1978)

This morning at the opening of the Washington, D.C. church, [its director] Col. Bo Hi Pak was probably happy, but I was not. Why? It is because we purchased a church building that had been built by others. It would have been better if we ourselves had built this church from scratch. The Mormons who built this church cut slabs of marble from mountains more than 9,000 feet high and 992 World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon carried them here. You worked for about two months repairing and painting the building, but it took the Mormons three years when they first built it. I wish that you would have invested greater love and effort than the Mormons, but as it is, how can you compare your devotion to this building to theirs? You who worked refurbishing the building, do you think you are better than them? You say yes, but are you confident that God, who knows the building’s history, would agree with you?
    I had another thought when I walked into the building. The Mormons built this building with lots of energy and hard work, but then they sold it. They abandoned it and then went out and built a new temple. The important question is: did they put more heart, tears and sweat into building their new and bigger temple than their forbearers did for this church long ago, or did they just put up money and give the plans to a contractor to build it? Did they build it with their money, or with their heart, sweat and labor? That is an important question, though they do not know it.
    Put yourself in the position of God. Would He rather dwell in a big new marble temple or in a small and humble temple that was built by the members’ labor and devotion? To God, the size of the building means nothing. Whether it is beautiful or plain means nothing. From this perspective, God would rather be in this building than in the newly built Mormon Temple. If you Unification Church members are more sincere and dedicated than the present-day Mormons, if you are actively taking responsibility to save this city, then surely God will continue dwelling in this place that has a tradition of dedicated believers—the Mormons of old—who worshiped Him here with rejoicing. With this in mind, I entered this building. (95:254-55, December 4, 1977)

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