We Should Experience Fun In Everything that We Do

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2110

When you return to your hometown, you should be able to say, “Ah, this is God’s gift to me” while looking at its mountains and rivers. Looking at grandfather trees that are older than you, pebbles in the river that are older than you, and the fields, you should say, “How have you been?” This is love. You have to know how to love nature and to love people. You have to do this again. This is restoration. You should love all creation because Adam and Eve were not able to. You should return to your hometown and love nature. Love everything there from the grass to the mountains, rivers, and trees. When you finish, love the people next. If you have attained the position of being able to love the mountains, rivers, trees, and animals, then love people on that foundation. The people are to be loved after all things have been restored. (175-31, 1988.4.6)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1032

From the principled standard of the course of restoration, we can see that the things of creation should have first belonged to the first human ancestors. They belong to God, of course, but when we consider the standard of the blessing God gave to humankind, we can see that they should have belonged to the first human ancestors. They should have belonged to parents of goodness untainted by the Fall. (23-330, 1969.6.15)



2. The Virtues of Industry, Hard Work and Self-Reliance

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

“You wealthy families, I see you drinking and dancing, enjoying yourself like the grasshopper in the fable. In the meantime, I will work so hard that my waistline will shrink like that of the ant. Go ahead, you grasshoppers! Keep singing, dancing and joking around! I will be the ant who keeps digging until I have built my own house and produced enough dirt to cover your graves.” If this is your attitude and way of life, you will revive the souls in hell and become kings and queens of the Heavenly Kingdom. (339:146, December 10, 2000)

Hard labor relieves insomnia and stress; it is especially good for people who spend their time only thinking. If you office workers were to do even a day’s labor at the construction site, it would relieve all your stress. If you cannot sleep because of stress, I recommend you go down into a tunnel and work there digging the tunnel for several days. Then you will have no problem sleeping. (230:168, May 1, 1992)

If you are a large tree, many birds will build their nests in your branches. Therefore, when you walk around soiled with dung, you should keep your internal dignity. Be a superb person who can dance pleasantly to the rhythm of the universe. (Way of God’s Will 2.2)

We should experience fun in everything that we do. Farming should be fun; plowing with sweat running down our faces should be fun; carrying heavy things should be fun, too. I did all kinds of labor. As long as we are in harmony with nature and deal with every situation and relationship we face, we can succeed at just about anything. (355:96, October 3, 2001)

You need money to succeed in your mission. No one will give it to you; you have to make it with your own hands. I built the worldwide foundation for this movement with my own hands; no one did it for me. Even if I were a castaway on a deserted island I could survive. I know what mushrooms are edible, which herbs are good to eat and which are poisonous. If I have a string and a hook, I can make a fishing pole and catch as many fish as I need. I know how to be self-sufficient wherever I go. My educational philosophy is that before your reach your thirties you should be trained to be as selfsufficient as I am. (117:24-25, January 30, 1982)

There is no work that I, Sun Myung Moon, cannot do. In a mine, I become a miner and endure the hardships there. It may be difficult, but I think that even in that mine I have to fulfill God’s Will. I once lived among thieves deep in the mountains. I did not participate in their thievery, but I found a way to survive there. On the ocean, I am a fisherman’s fisherman. In the field, I am a farmer’s farmer. Wherever I may be on this planet earth, I am a man who is capable of making a solid foundation within three weeks with my bare hands. (273:305, October 29, 1995)

Those who want to live off the government’s welfare benefits will never prosper, no matter how many years may pass. People who are indebted to others can never be more than servants. Rather, you should spend your life on earth helping others. If you have helped others in this life, then when you cross over to the next world you will arrive at a high realm. However, those who live for their own sake, who prefer to receive rather than to give, and who are in debt to others, will end up in the dark regions of hell. (248:98, August 1, 1993)

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