The Way to Equality Is Establishing God’s Family

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2143

    Likewise, without children, a couple cannot express and become the owners of parental love. Thus, we can say that God created human beings and the universe as His reciprocal partners in order to bring about true love. Filial, fraternal, conjugal, and parental love come about through the unity of subject and object partners. When two partners attain oneness, it is impossible to separate them. If separation occurred, true love would be destroyed. Therefore, in true love there can be no concept of divorce. When man feels love, the feeling arises not from him but from woman. Likewise, the fire of love is kindled in the heart of a woman not by herself alone but by her husband; that is to say, their love belongs to each other.
    Thus, spouses should honor each other as being even more precious than love itself and be grateful to and live for each other. This basic reasoning will make it possible for blessed couples to live together eternally. When husbands and wives live for each other, respect each other, and achieve complete oneness through true love, it will be possible for the fallen satanic lineage to be rooted out completely.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1209

    Creating a foundation for the Messiah, by restoring the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance, is necessary in order to remove original sin. Once we remove the original sin, we are able to newly enter the realm of God’s life and love. To do so, we must receive a graft.
    In order to make a wild olive tree into a true olive tree, we must cut off the wild tree and graft onto it the scion of the true tree. Similarly, in order for people who are like wild olive trees to become true olive trees, they must go through the process where they first deny themselves and then totally affirm something new. By doing so, a person changes his intrinsic nature from that of a wild olive tree to that of a true olive tree, so that he can emerge as a person led only by goodness. Then such people form a family, a tribe, an ethnic people, a nation, and the world. That is what the Unification Church intends to do. You must understand that this is what the Unification Church members presently hope to achieve. (41-62, 1971.2.13)



  1. The Basis of Equality in Descent from Common Parents,
    Common Humanity, and Potential for Divinity

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Whether American, British or German, whether black, white or yellow, we are all from one. (132:130, May 27, 1984)

Every person wants to participate equally in God’s love. The way to that equality is through establishing God’s family. (97:265, March 19, 1978)

The world of heart is a world where everyone is equal. The Kingdom of Heaven, which is the expansion of one family, is the world of brotherhood. (Way of God’s Will 2.3)

A mother cares for all her children with the same love, regardless of their ability and character. She gives birth to each one and raises them on the same bowl of soup. Isn’t that so? All people are equal in this respect: they grew up by entrusting their precious lives to the hands of their parents. In the parental heart, there cannot be any discrimination. (33:164, August 11, 1970)

People in general have a desire to be equal and want the same things. Yet people are all different and live in different circumstances. What is the substance that can create equality among everyone despite their differences? It is love.
    Consider little babies: they have nothing, they cannot talk, and they don’t have anything to offer. Yet they are so cute! When we look at them we love them; we just want to put our cheek against theirs and kiss them. Even puppies come and lick them. In that love, there is no high or low. Love brings everyone to the same level. (254:208, February 13, 1994)

Don’t the things that make Westerners weep also make Easterners weep? They do. Why do Koreans weep at the same scenes that also make their enemies the Japanese weep? The world is united in emotional responses. Is there any difference between Korean parents and Japanese parents in their love for their children? No, there is not. (41:331, February 18, 1971)

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