Religious People Should Work with God in their Daily Life to Eradicate Evil

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2276

As you are well aware, Rev. and Mrs. Moon are known across the world as the True Parents. If it is true that our couple is connected to God as the True Parents through true love, true life and true lineage, please remember that, beginning from “the True Family and you,” God’s Kingdom of liberation, freedom, unification and happiness will blossom forth upon the earth. (270-246, 1995.6.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1142

God invested His entire heart in creating the universe, dreaming of this great and hopeful undertaking. However, when all the conditions for His great work, His life and ideas were destroyed at once, heaven and earth became totally dark. The archangel Lucifer became His enemy. Should we strike and seize Lucifer or not? God loved His son and daughter the most, they were the bone of His bones and the flesh of His flesh, but Lucifer made them his own son and daughter. Should we cut the head off such an enemy or should we let him go? God was the first to struggle over this problem. (27-60, 1969.11.23)



Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

God is calling to us to challenge worldly unrighteousness, evil, sins and crimes, and practice true love. (234:273, August 26, 1992)

I believe that we people of faith should feel responsible for the lawlessness and injustice of this age, and we should be the first to assess our role in permitting it. God is calling upon leaders, especially us religious leaders, to stand against the world’s injustices and evils and to bestow His true love upon the world. (330:247, August 18, 2000)

Before dreaming of eternity, religious people should first work with God in their daily life to eradicate evil. They should be fighters for goodness. (37:219, December 27, 1970)

He who sees unrighteousness but leaves it alone is not a man of conscience. (Way of God’s Will 2.2) Who possesses the central and highest conscience in the universe? God. When a man of conscience sees injustice, does he sit still? No, he explodes in righteous indignation. Is God’s conscience any weaker? After seeing six thousand years of injustice His indignation grows hot; He prepares to do battle. God cannot stand by when sees people committing wickedness—damaging the world for their own selfish benefit or for their own family’s or tribe’s benefit. He reserves a day to strike them down. Consider the Roman Empire. For four hundred years Rome had dominated the world, but when she persecuted Christianity, God punished her. Less than four hundred years after Jesus’ death, Rome surrendered. (51:44, November 4, 1971)

I have endured, thinking that justice does not win by fighting, but wins by enduring. There were times when I was so indignant that my whole body was numb. But I endured, accounting myself an inadequate and unworthy son and thinking, “God has endured far more indignation than me.” (74:252, December 31, 1974)

When young people dedicate themselves to sacrifice and service with God’s true love, they will find the key to solving world poverty and hunger. They will be able to heal the feelings of animosity and hatred caused by differences between rich and poor and by different historical backgrounds and experiences.
    Only based on love that loves the unlovable, can we find a clear direction to overcome the intractable conflicts that plague our age. We can even find common ground to meet the ideological divide between the advocates of freedom and the advocates of equality. (288:201-02, November 28, 1997)

Once true love is perfected in the human world, what possible political, economic, cultural, or environmental problems could persist? In the world of true love, every problem can be solved. It is the world of freedom, peace and happiness, replete with joy. It is the world of God’s ideal. It is the world where joy and happiness are magnified infinitely and eternally, and where everyone has the right to equal position, equal participation, and equal inheritance. (294:65, June 11, 1998)

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