Don’t Take Even One Penny of Public Funds for Your Personal Use

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2266

The spirit world is a place governed by true love – that is, absolute love. Everything is linked to true love. True love is the seed. Seeds unrelated with the Fall are linked together and fill all of heaven and earth. The world today came about as a result of the Fall, so it must disappear. We must do away with the lineage of the fallen world and link ourselves to God’s original lineage. How do we create such a world? Blessed marriage is the way. The Blessing is the means of engrafting ourselves onto God’s lineage. (294-316, 1998.8.9)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 434

Orphans do not have a relationship with their parents. Everyone wants to be loved. The ideal manifestation of that love is parents. We can say that a person who can neither receive parental love from his parents even though he wants to, nor love his parents even though he wants to, is very miserable. Suppose there is a person who is much less attractive than some local orphan. Even so, as long as that person can serve and devote himself to his parents, he can feel very fortunate by comparison. He might think, “One may be handsome, yet if one does not even have parents, of what benefit is that?” He might also think, “I may be ugly and disabled, but at least I am fortunate to have a mother and father.” (39-231, 1971.1.15)


Economic Justice

1. Stealing and Misappropriating Public Property

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

Religion teaches people to deny and reject everything that our body desires. Our body tells us to steal food when it is hungry, but Heaven teaches us always to say, “No” to that impulse. (131:25, March 11, 1984)

What is wrong with stealing? The item you steal is the result of someone’s sacrifice and service; hence it has public value. When you take it without paying anything for it, you negate that public value. That is a sin. (105:92-92, September 30, 1979)

The Fall took place when the archangel, rather than respecting Adam and serving him sacrificially, instead manipulated the situation to swindle Adam. Then he looted God’s creation. Looting, destroying and swindling followed upon hatred and deception. If you take part in any of these, you will go to hell. (310:199, June 15, 1999)

When using public funds, you should have a more anxious heart than I [about using the money correctly]. You should feel that taking even one penny for your personal use is as painful as amputating one of your limbs. If you are casual about public funds, you will inevitably decline. The sin will come around and bite you. You may be swindled, robbed or even killed. (360:321, November 18, 2001)

All events in history are the expansion of the deeds of individuals. What means and methods have successful people used to rise to the top? To reach their goal, they take advantage of other people or embezzle from organizations. This has been the tradition throughout history.
    Ever since the Human Fall, when human beings received the blood of Satan, they unconsciously became arrogant and started using others to satisfy their own needs. That has been the direction of human history, is the result of the seeds sown at the Fall. (46:141, August 8, 1971)

Suppose while walking down the street, you find a golden nugget that fell from somewhere. Do not take it for yourself; if you do, it is as if you were committing a theft. Such found money is public money; therefore you should not use it for yourself.
    Do you understand the meaning of public money? If you make an offering to the church with an ulterior motive, I Reverend Moon will not accept it. Even if you give it to True Mother [seeking to have her influence me], I do not touch it. Misusing public money is more fearful than taking poison. You will surely be caught and made to pay when you arrive in the spirit world. (January 13, 2001)

If you value your personal property more than public property, you are violating the way of Heaven. If you value your personal integrity more than public integrity, you are contrary to the way of Heaven. (51:291, November 28, 1971)

The things that you own, your material possessions, are not truly your own; you are their temporary steward. (23:334, June 15, 1969)

One of the main teachings of the Unification Church is: What is mine is yours, yours is the nation’s, the nation’s is the world’s, the world’s is God’s, and God’s is mine. (57:272, June 4, 1972)

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