In One Aspect the Communist World Is Better than the Democratic World

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#115 – Neighborhood Economics

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2220

Parents behold their devoted children with tears in their eyes and wish them eternal blessings. Such a background exists in the realm of the heart. It is fearful. In this world, there are many types of people who compare themselves with others; they may pray with those others, but in the end become isolated and finally leave. But when the true filial children become the center, then tears will flow in their home between them and their parents. They will become the devoted children of parents who wish that the blessing of the future nation will be with their family. (247-32, 1993.4.21)

Cheon Seong Gyeon 1400

Adam’s was the representative family – formed by the union of God and true parents – that would have embraced the universe; had Adam not fallen, being blessed by him would have been a universal blessing. Yet due to the Fall, they were separated, and so families in the world today cannot enter the realm of grace of this great blessing. In order to restore that which was lost in Adam’s family through the Fall, I will bless 360 million couples standing in the equalized position in the realm of families worldwide. (287-142, 1997.9.14)


Economic Justice

5. Communism and Its Errors

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

Since the beginning of history, people have sought to diminish the gap between the upper and lower classes. Communism is the strongest example of this trend. The ideal of communism is to eliminate exploitation between the classes in human societies and to construct a classless society. However, the biggest problem with communism is its atheism, and the fact that it seeks to create an ideal world on a foundation which denies God. It is also a problem that communist states in practice carry out their programs according to the private will of a few dictators. (115:169-70, November 10, 1981)

In one aspect the communist world is better than the democratic world: It lifts up laborers and farmers as the heroes of society. God could take this as a reason to preserve the communist world even if the democratic world were to collapse. However, communism’s problem is that it is atheistic. (130:103, January 1, 1984)

Today we hear the communist battle cry: “Liberate the workers and peasants from capitalist oppression!” However, does that cry for liberation accord with the liberation sought by the religion of God? Is it in accord with the hopes of people of faith who are working to liberate all people, even God Himself? Does that cry seek to make God the complete Subject of goodness forevermore? The answer is no.
    Communism’s hope is based on a materialist conception of reality. Communism rejects God, calls religion “the opiate of the people,” and is devoted to stamping out religion. In theory also, it contradicts its own claim of liberation. It is undoubtedly a liberation scheme against God. Communism is in fact the flag bearer of the Devil, and is mounting a full-scale offensive against the flag bearer of God’s own church. (85:230-31, March 3, 1976)

The Communist Party has the motto, “Workers of the world, unite!” Our motto is, “All people with conscience, unite!” The Communist Party denies middle and upper class people, but we the people of conscience will unite all three classes. We include all the races—black, white and yellow—everyone. (52:136, December 26, 1971)

The philosophers who came up with the law of the dialectic, Hegel and Engels in particular, saw a conflicting, confronting nature within universal law. Unless we successfully resolve the question of the dialectic within the universe, we cannot find the true formula for the ideal world. We cannot discover the way to establish peace and harmony within organizations that have a hierarchical structure. We must explain the errors of such theories as “survival of the fittest,” “the strong eat the weak,” and “power causes progress.” Otherwise, people will think that mistreating others is not a sin. (132:142, May 31, 1984)

The communist system is for the state, and democracy is for the individual. To bridge this gap we should find a middle way. The nation that develops that middle way will have the ideal economic system. (52:263, January 2, 1972)

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