A Nation that Promotes Only Its Own Interest Will Perish

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#115 – Neighborhood Economics

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2089

I have given you the title of messiah, tribal messiah! Then what should you do? What should you do as the messiah? I have prepared everything that you might need to become the national messiah, the world messiah, and the cosmic messiah. I have prepared treasures the size of a mountain for you. You will inherit all this mountain of treasures once you become messiahs. It will all be passed down to you like water flowing through water pipes. (189-247, 1989.4.9)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1250

Why do people get married? It is to love God. Why should we love God? It is because we need to become one with the axis of God. What are we trying to achieve by becoming one with God? What happens when we become one with Him? Why should we become one with God? Centering on the absolute God and his eternal love, we can achieve eternal life. And this is not all. From the place where we come to meet with Him, the right of inheritance of the universe is bequeathed. The world created by God, centering on love, belongs to Him, but that world can become mine through the right of inheritance. (136-39, 1985.12.20)


Economic Justice

6. Globalization and the Equalization of Capital

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

Advanced countries have lots of money. But whose is it? It is God’s. Whose is the
power? It is God’s. Whose knowledge is it? It is God’s as well. God is the Parent of humankind. Therefore, everything that belongs to God—material, power, knowledge and such—belongs to humankind. For this purpose democracy appeared in modern days.
    In democracy, sovereignty belongs to the people—to all humankind. That is why it is believed that sovereignty should be under control of the people. Yet, in reality, it is in the hands of conglomerates. At the present time, America is wealthy, but she alone should not be wealthy. She should distribute her wealth among other nations; that is the heavenly way. America must aid other nations financially, otherwise she cannot continue being wealthy. What belongs to America does not belong to America alone, but belongs to the world. (13:27, October 16, 1963)

How did America become a nation that is respected throughout the world? It is because after World War II, she financially helped all the enemy nations that she had defeated. Since she gave it on behalf of God, her position was elevated. Yet, when she reduced her giving, her position gradually declined. (26:53, October 18, 1969)

When a famine occurs in one part of the world, then the parts of the world where food is abundant should rush more food into the hungry areas. We have to build this kind of world. Presently, 20 million people are dying of starvation every year, while America is wasting too much food. This is a violation of the universal law. (247:94, April 25, 1993)

A nation that promotes only its own interests will perish. A nation that exploits other nations, using them as its foothold for its own prosperity, will perish in the end. The reason why America is being accused is because after she provides other nations with some financial aid, she attempts to make money off of them. (26:294, November 10, 1969)

When offering aid to less fortunate nations, America should offer it with parental heart, shedding tears for them and taking the role of a servant. When giving to those unfortunates who have shed many tears, she should also shed many tears for them. America should not look down on them from the height of authority and power, as she does now. Otherwise, her giving will only foment rebellion and discontent. The first to shed tears should be the donor, not the recipient. Why? The donor is in the position of a parent. Therefore, when the donor offers aid, she should do so with tears. If she gives while belittling the recipients, she will perish…
    Nevertheless, there is no excuse for the Republic of Korea to say, “Well, America, you are bragging that you used to provide us with financial aid. Someday we will teach you a lesson.” (13:27-28, October 16, 1963)

We can never have world peace until those nations which have been blessed with material and technological advantages willingly share them with the other nations of the world. The blessings of science and technology are meant for all humankind, and they should be shared. Every nation should have an equal chance to utilize technology for the people’s well being, just as all nations’ athletes should enjoy high quality coaching and ultimately compete on a level playing field. Otherwise, the advanced nations will be resented and hated by those who are deprived. The Unification Movement is committed to helping them share the blessings of technology with all nations, and to helping developing nations establish their own industrial base as the key to economic indepen­dence. (November 25, 1988)

In this world poverty is rampant. Hunger and poverty are deep-seated problems. Religious believers have a serious responsibility to deal with this situation. Over the past 20 years or so, I have been endeavoring to develop the resources of the ocean, personally fishing and investing substantial amount of funds. As a result, I succeeded in inventing high-potency protein powder… a nutritional supplement for health that is being effectively distributed to Africa and other parts of the world.
    In order to eliminate the tragedy of starvation on the earth, I am putting my resolution into practice. I understand that all religions should unite and cooperate with one another in producing foods through agricultural development and ocean industries to help underdeveloped countries. If religions lead the way in practicing true love through the investment of human resources and materials, I believe it will be a great hope to the world. (271:71-72, August 21, 1995)

The U.S. administration insists that all trade barriers should be dismantled and excess farm products should be free to go to any country and be sold at the market price. This is known as the Uruguay Round. It calls for the poor countries with subsistence agriculture to open up their gates and be flooded with farm products from wealthy nations. However, I am suggesting that, like farm products, the population of the world should be allowed to flow back and forth anywhere it wants to go. That is, all national boundaries should be dismantled. (261:309, July 24, 1994)

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