To Create the Ideal World, We Must Have an Overall Model or Blueprint

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#116 – Michael Marshall – The Radical Change in Family Relationships and Marriage from being Centered on Child Welfare to being Centered on Self Pleasure

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2188

    If the son advises and teaches his parents to love their country so that they become patriots, and makes them a mother and father whom heaven remembers, is he a filial or unfilial son?
    So, rather than a son who says to his parents, “Mom, Dad, don’t go out! Just rest at home.” he should say, “Mom, Dad, what are you doing? Please, let’s try together to find even one more person who can be a patriot, who can work for the unification of North and South Korea, who can work to save North Korea.” Then he makes them shed tears, blood and sweat. Then what would you think if the people in the neighborhood were to praise this achievement?
    Would the parents say, “You scoundrel, you really made your mother and father’s life difficult, so at first we thought you were a bad boy. Yet we became successful and are praised by everyone. My! You really are a filial son.” Do you think the parents would say this, or would they say, “You are an unfilial son”? What do you think? (209-266, 1990.11.30)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1362

Being served nice meals or living in a nice environment makes me the enemy of this nation. The Lincoln Continental sent from the United States has arrived at the port of Busan. I received it as a gift at the time of the 777 Couples Blessing, but I am still considering whether I should go around in it. It would be nice if I could sell the car, but it was sent to me in the name of the holy tears of history and the honor of God, and so the day I sell it, I would not be able to maintain the dignity of having blessed the 777 Couples. As such, I will have to keep it. (43-85, 1971.4.18)


Unity and Community

3. Interdependence on the Model of the Human Body

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

To create the ideal world, we must have an overall model or blueprint. An important Unification image is that of a mature or perfected person, with mind and body united. Ideals and purposes spring from the mental and spiritual life of a God-centered person. The nervous system transmits the resulting directives of the mind to the cells, and relays information from the body back to the brain. When this exchange occurs smoothly we say that the individual is in harmony.
    The mental and spiritual life of humanity can be likened to the mind of an individual, and the economic and socio-political life of humanity to the body of an individual. The spiritual ideals, aspirations, and love of God are manifested through religion, around which theology, philosophy, art, and all culture revolve. Religious leaders and theological and philosophical thinkers, then, function as the central nervous system, transmitting, interpreting, and developing messages from God for the whole body, humanity. (133:272, August 13, 1984)

Blood circulates throughout your whole body, from the head down to the soles of your feet. When that blood that went to the feet comes to the head, can the head say, “Don’t come near me”? In the same way, as we circulate through the entire universe, there cannot be any discrimination between black, white and yellow people. The parts of the body are variously colored. Are brown eyes prejudiced against black hair? Do white nails say to yellow skin, “You are of a different kind”?There is no way the body can be segregated by color. (91:280, February 27, 1977)

In the human body, the lungs, heart and stomach maintain harmonious interaction in accord with the directions of the brain, transmitted through the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system. By analogy, the three branches of government in the ideal world—the legislative, judicial and executive branches—will interact in harmonious and principled relationships when they follow God’s guidance as conveyed through Christ and people of God. Just as the four limbs of the body move according to the commands of the brain for the welfare of the individual as a whole, the economic institutions of the ideal world, corresponding to the limbs, will uphold the desire of God and promote the welfare of the entire world. Just as the liver stores nourishment for the entire body, in the ideal world there will always be a certain reserve to be tapped as needed for the public good.
    Since every part of the human body has a vertical relationship with the brain, horizontal relationships are naturally established between the different organs to form an integrated organism. Likewise, in the ideal world, because people’s horizontal relationships with each other are rooted in their vertical relationship with God, they will form one integrated and interdependent society in which they share all their joys and sorrows. In this society, to hurt someone else will be experienced as hurting one’s own self. Hence, its citizens simply will not want to commit crime. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Preparation 3.2)


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