If You Want to Rule Others, First Be Ruled By Them

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2235

Godism teaches how loving human beings can walk a path that confers on them the privilege to ascend to a position even higher than the Creator. Godism is the ideology of true love. It cannot be achieved without first finding the way to sacrifice and invest our fallen lives. This is the reason the Bible taught the paradoxical logic that those who seek to die will live and those who seek to live will die. (268-162, 1995.3.31)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1046

We call our Unification Church members “family members.” Members should have the connections of brothers and sisters and be born under the same parents’ heart. Only then can we become a member. We should have the relationship of brothers under the same parents. We should directly inherit the way of life, habits, and traditions of the parents. Then, we should create a family that God can be pleased with. Only then can we become members. (155-211, 1965.10.30)


Government for the People

1. Servant Leadership

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

If you want to rule others, first be ruled by them. (Way of God’s Will 1.3)

Leaders are people who let others use them, yet they do not perish. Come, let yourself be used by all the people of the world for the sake of God. Then they will come under your influence. (Way of God’s Will 1.3)

The leader who commands his followers when they are not willing to obey will perish. (Way of God’s Will 1.3)

If you want to become someone of high status, you should be able to take good care of the people under you. (34:250, September 13, 1970)

A sovereign should become one with his people. He should think that all that he owns is not for himself, but for his country. If that happens, the country will prosper. (30:88, March 17, 1970)

The larger-minded person can embrace and manage smaller-minded people. Can you be a person of such breadth of character that people of every nationality will admire you and want you to lead them? (102:139, December 10, 1978)

We should live for the sake of others. A leader who lives a self-centered life invites discontent and leads others to disobey the heavenly way. Living for the sake of others is the way to resemble God. When you inherit God’s true love and practice it to love your family, society, nation, and world, you are living in accordance with the basic order of universe. Only through practicing true love can you become a true person of perfected character, and hence become a true parent, true teacher, and true owner. You become a peacemaker. When you live your life for the sake of others, you are headed towards the first gate of peace. (356:276, October 20, 2001)

A self-centered person cannot be a leader. It doesn’t matter that he has a college degree or even that he is a professor. Rather, a leader needs to have a mind to live for the sake of the whole and be equipped in all areas. A person with such qualifications will climb to the top. At election time, people will not vote for a candidate whom they perceive is self-centered. They will choose the candidate who lives for the sake of the whole, who will benefit them. This formula for leadership has been constant throughout history.
    Be a wise leader who embraces his people twice after chastising them once. Let them feel, “He scolded us for our own good”; otherwise, they will scorn you and oppose you, and in the end Satan will invade (54:207, March 24, 1972)

When a person whom you work with for the first time makes a mistake, remember how little you have given him and invested in him. Then despite his mistake, you can forgive him. As the leader, greet him with a delightful heart before you expect him to do so to you. If you expect him to greet you with a bright face when you yourself do not, then you are a thief. (81:305, December 29, 1975)

If one of your people does something wrong, do not take action against him right away. Even if he did something very wrong, try to find a way to have him do something good to improve the situation. Although that small good condition is far outweighed by the evil he did earlier, on account of it you can have room to reserve judgment until you can deal properly and comprehensively with the situation. (72:313, July 14, 1974)

A responsible person even when he knows the truth lets himself be deceived. (324:202, June 24, 2000)

Use clear judgment in handling affairs in your daily life. Then your heart should follow. To be clear about affairs means to act in accordance with reason. You should never act on a matter when you are confused or uncertain about it. Analyze well how to handle relationships with those above you and below you, on your right and on your left, in front of you and behind you. Once that is clear, you can cultivate affectionate feelings to embrace them all. The cloth of affection can wrap up everyone: grandfathers, grandmothers, babies, everyone.
    The cloth of intellect is one-sided, while the cloth of affection is all-embracing. Look at me: I love even 80-year-old grandmothers, and they flock to my place. Grandmothers and tiny infants all rejoice to be wrapped in the cloth of love. They hug each other, the infants resting in the old ladies’ arms, never wanting to leave. With the cloth of love you can create that kind of place. (81:328, December 29, 1975)

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