Like the Prophets, I Also Went to Prison

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1130

    My close examination of the original sin and Fall revealed that its cause lies in the adulterous relationship with the archangel that took place in the first human family. According to the Divine Principle, Satan is not a conceptual or imaginary being, but a real spiritual being. He is the ringleader who destroyed God’s ideal of love and changed God’s lineage to the one cen-ered on himself. In chapter eight of the Gospel of John, Jesus states clearly that the father of humankind is the devil.
    The adulterer who deprived God of His ideal of love, which God intended to realize through Adam and Eve, as His external body, is indeed the devil, Satan. This may not sound familiar to you; however, this is the conclusion that I have gained as a result of searching throughout the spirit world in order to investigate the fundamental problems of the universe. That quest was a struggle in which I shed blood and tears. If you pray in earnest, you will also be able to receive an answer about this. (135-12, 1985.8.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 500

What are the contents of the truth? However great anyone may be, they can- not stand in the place of your parents, spouse or children. What is the highest of all truths? Parents, spouses and children. There is nothing higher. Then what is the center of the truth? It is love. From such a principled viewpoint, what is the center of the highest truth? People say that God is the Original Being of truth, goodness, love and life. What does this mean? They all mean the same. The truth cannot be established without love and life. Those who want to become people who can talk about the real truth must have the will and desire for the truth within their lives. Here, desire stands in a reciprocal position to your standard of personality. So what is the nucleus? As the Original Being of life, love and truth, what kind of being is God? He is the Father and simultaneously the Mother of humankind. Parents are the nucleus. (21-183, 1968.11.20)

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Prophets and Messengers

3. A Prophet Endures Rejection and Persecution

Teachings of True Father  Sun Myung Moon

All prophets are unusual. It takes an unusual person to walk the path of Abel in search of the way of God’s Will. Whenever a prophet appears, he acts in ways that are bizarre and out of the ordinary. All the prophets in the Old Testament and [the saints with prophetic missions] in the New Testament Age were unusual people. That is why they were ridiculed, opposed and persecuted. (89:129, November 1, 1976)

If you are in complete accord with truth and justice, then heavenly fortune will protect you completely. Heavenly fortune will strike any power that opposes you. Hence, if I truly become an object partner to God and dwell in a place of complete harmony with Him, then even a country such as America, or even the Soviet Union, will be struck down if it opposes me. It is because I understand this principle that I can be so bold. (214:194, February 2, 1991)

In the history of God’s providence, prophets had to exercise their divine office while in the position of servants to the king. Therefore, when they spoke out the rulers attacked them, and many lost their lives. The Lord at the Second Coming comes as the fruit of all their sacrifices; he represents all the prophets of history as he stands in the Abel position before the world’s rulers. Therefore, I, as the True Parent cannot be a petty person. Think about the difficult course of all the prophets of history, who shed their blood and had their heads cut off. I am to harvest that fruit. Therefore, I will speak the truth regardless. Like the prophets I also went to prison—six times in fact. Like them I always stand on the front line. (343:263, February 17, 2001)

I have been experiencing Thy reality of sorrow,
feeling the heart with which Thou dost face this world of enemies.
I know the sorrow of my Father who cannot come out and live in the sunshine;
the situation of my Father who has worked in the shadows.
I have pressed on in this way of life
anxious that I might become a child who resents his Father
or contradicts his Father at some point.1072
World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon
I know that when Thou didst find me,
Thou wert anxious about it also…
I have determined not to despair or disappoint Thee;
though I am pursued and driven out,
imprisoned with both my hands in handcuffs,
though I experience the lot of a slave or the lot of a servant.
I thank Thee for Thy grace of preserving my life
and letting me remain in Thy presence
from the day I determined to go forth until now.
How much hast Thou worked, Father,
in order to establish someone like me?
How much hast Thou sacrificed
for the sake of the path I must go…
Realizing [the extent of] Thy toil…
each time I wake from sleep I cannot but beg Thee
to forgive me as though I were a sinner.
While eating, I cannot help but put down my spoon
and with tears ask forgiveness for my past wrongs,
and each time I lay down, not being able to control my tired body,
I cannot help but scold myself
for not having a mind concerned about Thee…
Thou art a being to be pitied.
However much we might say that fellow named Moon of the Unification Church is to be pitied,

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