Can You Find Peace if Your Mind and Body are Fighting?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1310

Because I made possible the 430 Couples Blessing, anyone who is a citizen of Korea is now living in the realm of fortune, in which everyone can be equally connected to God’s providential will. That is why we can safely conclude that Korea can never go to ruin. It cannot. This is the conclusion. We have entered such an era in history. (84-146, 1976.2.22)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1245

    What would life have been like if woman had not been created to stand before man in the Garden of Eden? It is a universal truth that women exist. It is a miracle of miracles that both men and women exist. If one existed without the other, it would be the same as having no existence at all. That would be the end of humanity. The Blessing of the Unification Church should be understood and appreciated in this context.
    Once you meet your spouse, that relationship will last forever. You must be thankful for the original love between husband and wife, which you cannot buy even if you offered the universe or God Himself. You must also be strong and bold. Those who have tasted the true love of the Unification Church will be followed by the light of love wherever they go. You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven if you do not love humanity and the whole universe, centering on true love. (Blessing – 287)


Inner Peace

Can you find peace if your mind and body are fighting? How can you find happiness and peace when your mind and body are not one? (242:60, December 27, 1992)

Before we complain about the world’s conflicts and the absence of world peace, we should reflect on ourselves and consider whether our minds and bodies are united into one, whether we are the starting-points of peace, and whether God is at the center of our endeavors for peace. (140:17-18, February 1, 1986)

From time immemorial, when saints and sages sought for the Kingdom of Heaven, they did not seek it by vying with their enemies, expressing wrath and anger, full of fury.
    Rather, we understand that they forgot themselves even in front of their enemies’ swords. They sought the Kingdom while quietly longing for God, worshipping God, and feeling peaceful embrace in God’s bosom, while transcending the circumstances of the battle. (25:38-39, September 28, 1969)

We commonly say that the human body is the temple of God, but what is a holy temple? Is it a place to work for a living? Is it a factory or an office? When we think of a holy temple, we visualize a tranquil place of rest.
    Where can we take rest? It should be amidst love. A holy temple is a tranquil place filled with God’s love. If we wish to be God’s temples, we should have this same quality: inwardly tranquil and filled with God’s love. We want to elevate our inner selves to this high level. As people of God’s love, we become participants in the world of heart. That means our love is like a well that never runs dry; you can draw water from it all you want yet it never runs out. The reason it never runs out is because God is there. (91:78, January 30, 1977)

What is peace? When your mind and body become one and you have a peaceful family, then there can be a peaceful nation and a peaceful world. Peace cannot come based on some man-made ideology. You have to make a foundation for peace in your mind and body, and then in your family among husband and wife, and parents and children, centering on God’s original heart. Such families are the cornerstones of peace. Even if your family were immersed in a universe of peace, it would still have to receive direction from the root. (305:203, July 14, 1998)

The United Nations at its founding proclaimed a movement for world peace, and for sixty years it has dedicated itself to this task; yet world peace still remains far distant. Peace among nations can never come when those entrusted with the task have not resolved the Cain-Abel relationship between their own mind and body. (March 25, 2006)

The question is how I can turn the war going on inside of me into peace. This is extremely important. If I cannot accomplish this, then even though the world might be at peace, to me it will still be hell. (131:34, March 11, 1984)

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