Think of How Much Money the World Is Wasting on War

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1541

If we do not have our own nation, then, however happy our family may feel, at any moment a group of brigands can appear in front of us and cut off our heads. Thus, we must establish our nation. Religious people do not understand this; they have no clear idea of it. We must establish a nation of goodness. This is the purpose of religion. (57-260, 1972.6.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 331

God is the God of love. St. Paul asked who can cut off the line of God’s love within Christ. Even Christ would be nothing without God’s love. This is why we like God’s love more than any- thing else. God’s love is the source of life, the source of happiness, and the source of peace. You can understand this if you have spiritual experiences. (24-324, 1969.9.14)

The Futility of War

2. The Immorality and Futility of Aggressive War

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Think of how much money the world is wasting on war. Humanity needs to realize that we are committing fearful sins in the presence of history and our descendants. Let us take one example. How much money has the United States spent on the war in Iraq during the past three years? It is approaching $200 billion…
    In this age, war is a most primitive and destructive means of resolving conflict, and will never lead to lasting peace. Now is the time, as the prophet Isaiah taught, to beat our swords into ploughshares and spears into pruning hooks. Humankind should end the perverse cycle of war, which only sacrifices our children’s lives and squanders astronomical sums of money. The time has come for the countries of the world to pool their resources15 and advance toward the world of peace desired by God, the Master of this great universe. (September 21, 2005)

God will not forgive a nation if it utilizes only for its own benefit the scientific technology it was given as a means to bring peace for all humankind. God granted science and technology to humanity for the happiness of all. It should not be monopolized only for the white race. Nor should it be used to create weapons, disregarding the realization of world peace. (190:178, June 19, 1986)

In a war, how do you distinguish between the good side and the evil side? The evil side strikes while the other side is at ease. That is why when two students are fighting, the teacher asks them, “Who started it?” and takes the side of the student who was attacked. The student who attacks first always loses, because the teacher takes the side of the one who was attacked. Likewise, throughout history, God takes the side of the defender.
    Why is it wrong to attack first? Originally, goodness should have taken the lead in the universe, but instead evil took the initiative. At the Human Fall, Adam and Eve were struck when they were doing nothing wrong. God was attacked when He was doing nothing wrong. Thus, a characteristic of evil is aggression. When an attacker inflicts harm, he should pay for the violation. The person whom he attacked may request compensation for damages.
    God knows this principle. Do you think He initiates wars? No, God’s strategy is to be the defender, not the aggressor. Likewise, people on God’s side receive blows; they do not attack.
They are not aggressors because God is not an aggressor, and they strive to follow God’s example. God’s people take the beating and endure, never giving up. Then they have the right to seek for compensation.
    Satan is the king of aggressors. He is the father of all aggressors and evil people. God is the king of defenseless people who take beatings. The more a person is beaten, the more he can shorten the length of the indemnity period according to the principle of restoration through indemnity.
    We can recognize this pattern throughout history: Satan attacks first and loses, while God is attacked but gains in the end. Look at the example of World War I: Germany started that war, but they lost. The Germans thought they could win the war; otherwise they would not have started it. Satan always thinks he can win; that is why his forces start wars. But no one can win by violating heavenly law. Look at World War II: Germany and Japan started the war, but they lost. God, the Supreme Judge, admonished the aggressors, “You are in the wrong.” (91:243-44, February 23, 1977)

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