Male and Female He Created Them

Strengthening Families and Communities Forum –Patti Hidalgo Menders Presentation and Discussion

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2283

You stand on the victorious foundation laid by me based on the global condition, and so you should be heirs to my heart. Inheriting that heart, you should be able to claim, “Undoubtedly I am a child of the True Parents and, although born in the position of Abel, I will subjugate Cain’s realm in this world without fail.” This is because in the spiritual aspect, the foundation of victory has been completely laid. Power itself in the physical world will weaken and can be pushed out. (100-319, 1978.10.22)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1502

The ideal family is the place where the parents, children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters desire to unite into oneness based on true love. From such a place the eternal global equalization begins, and consequently, the God’s Kingdom on earth, followed automatically by God’s Kingdom in heaven. (300-226, 1999.3.14)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

Principle of Creation

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