Satan is the Father of This World

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1471

You should understand love. The purpose for every existence is love. You must keep this unchanging principle in your heart that tells you to pursue love and exist for love. Birds fly around, chirping, delighting in each other’s company, all because of love, and the positive and negative poles of magnets attract each other and stick fast, all because they want to become one in love. People always seek to meet their other half to become one with them. (67-159, 1973.6.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1341

The 72 Couples are like the children, the descendants of the 36 Couples, while the 36 are the central couples as well as the ancestors. Our view is that our ancestors failed to fulfill God’s will because Cain and Abel, the two sons in the first family in history, failed to become one in heart, thus deferring the fulfillment of God’s will. In view of the fact that the foundation of the family, in which the brothers Cain and Abel should have united, was not established, who then are the 72 Couples? Seventy-two is thirty-six twice. Thus, the 72 Couples representing the children of the 36 Couples comprise 36 Abel and 36 Cain couples. They are the representative couples chosen to restore through indemnity that which the historical ancestors failed to accomplish: the complete unity of Abel and Cain. (84-144, 1976.2.22)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Human Fall

God gave the commandment to Adam and Eve. not to eat the fruit, meaning not to have sex before God Blessed them in marriage, in order to prevent the Fall.The commandment was only necessary while Adam and Eve were immature; during the growing period.
Because of the fall, we all came under Satan’s dominion, as the ‘father of this world’.
We need to be liberated by changing our lineage to God’s side through the Blessing of marriage, and also reverse the right of ownership and the realm of heart.
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