Reincarnation Is Not Literal

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2010

To form a nation, there needs to be a territory, a people and sovereignty. What is sovereignty? It is the creation of a relationship with the original God. Even as the people of the nation sleep, the leadership of the nation must connect with God and then conduct the work of governing the nation. The sovereign leader must completely unite with the citizens of that nation. By becoming one with his people, the sovereign leader can no longer think of anything as being for his own sake alone, but must instead see everything as being for the sake of the nation. When this is achieved, that nation will prosper and flourish. (30-88, 1970.3.17)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 742

    When your character has a certain shortcoming, then listen to the kind of testimony that can supplement it. Listen to those testimonies and absorb them to enhance your character. That is why you must listen to many testimonies about other people’s personal experiences. When you listen, do not criticize them.
    Criticizing means deciding between Satan’s side and God’s side. When you criticize, you end up on one of two sides: Satan’s or God’s. Therefore, criticizing can be a cancer in your development. Once you are on Satan’s side, you cannot just go to God’s side, and once you are on God’s side, you cannot go over to Satan’s side. In our life, we do not just go in a straight line but zigzag.
    We are the conduits for not only good ancestors but also evil ones. In terms of our disposition, when we have many character traits from our good ancestors we go the way of goodness. But a part of us also comes from our evil ancestors. A time will come during your lives when you will surely behave in an evil way. If you criticize, it will bring trouble. Hence, the words “do not judge others” make sense. (76-139, 1975.2.2)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle


Resurrection does not occur physically.  Rather, when spirit persons with a similar faith and disposition as us descend to help us spiritually as we carry out God’s providential work, both we and they are resurrected.
Many Buddhists believe that human spirits may be reincarnated as either a human or an animal.  This is an incorrect concept.
Ultimately, spirti persons of different religions or no religion will influence those on earth with a similar faith and disposition to understand, accept and follow the teachings of Christ at the Second Coming, who is the True Parent, Rev. Sun Myung Moon.
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