Spirits Who Could Not Complete Their Mission Must Return to People on Earth

Cheon Seong Gyeong 255

Since we have transcended the world,
white people and black people should be
brothers and sisters. This is to realize the
brotherhood realm of humankind, the
realm of Adam and Eve, which has noth-
ing to do with the Fall. Then, what is the
basic philosophy to establish that tradi-
tion? Everything will work out if we live
for the sake of others. From here, your
sons and daughters will grow up without
suffering in this kind of environment.
They will become descendants who can
go straight to the heavenly nation with
actual accomplishments that surpass the
satanic world and can directly connect
with heaven. Next, these brothers and
sisters will marry one another. For us,
marriage transcends nations. We have
the mind-set that we can marry a black
person if told to do so, marry a white
person if recommended to do so, and
marry a yellow person if recommend-
ed to do so. Such a tradition should be
established from now. This has not yet
been established. We should create one-
ness from now on. So you must guide
your descendants and the world with
this. The two must become one. When
you become one you should not bear evil
children. To bear children of goodness,
the husband and wife should be com-
pletely one. Without becoming one, no
children of goodness will come out. Thus,
they should become completely one cen-
tering on God’s will. (71-19, 1974.3.24)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 136

The parent of humankind came,
but the people could not attend him as
their parent. Could there be such a par-
ent who came to shed blood and die for
them? That parent came to host a festival
of love at which he could say, “My son!
My daughter! My family! My nation!”
and the entire universe could reconcile.
That parent who was to receive praise
for that day of peace and glory should
have met his lost children. Yet instead
he was killed with the thrust of a blade
from those children. Think about how
miserable Jesus was. How grieved God
was to be choked in circumstances that
prevented Him from teaching ignorant
human beings! (145-152, 1986.5.1)

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part

Chapter 6


Spirits who could not complete their missions during their earthly life must return to people on earth who share the same type of mission as they had during their lifetime. When a spirit assists an earthly person to fulfill God’s Will, the person will fulfill not only his own mission, but also the mission of the spirit who has helped him. Hence, from the standpoint of mission, the physical self of the person concurrently serves as the physical self of the spirit. In a sense, he is the second coming of the spirit; hence he may sometimes be called by the spirit’s name and appear to be the reincarnation of that spirit.



 All the spirits will descend from Paradise in that day and assist the believers on the earth. sooner or later each believer will be guided by the spirits from Paradise to go before Christ at the Second Advent and devote their lives for the sake of God’s Will. For this reason, Christianity is destined to be united.


 At the Second Coming of Christ, all spirits who believed in religions other than Christianity during their lifetime will, like the spirits in Paradise, also return to earth to be resurrected, even though the timing of their return will vary depending upon their spiritual position. These spirits must guide the earthly believers of their respective religions to Christ at the Second Advent and assist them to believe in him and attend him in his work to fulfill God’s Will.


 Spirits who, in their lifetime, led a conscientious life but did not believe in any religion will also return to earth at the granted time to receive the benefit of returning resurrection. They will guide conscientious earthly people to seek out Christ at the Second Advent, attend him, and assist him in fulfilling God’s Will.

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Heaven Allows Evil Spirits to Torment Us as Punishment for Sin

1 Corinthians 16

13 Keep alert. Be firm in your faith. Stay brave and strong. 14 Show love in everything you do.

Jeremiah 34

-10 King Zedekiah, his officials, and everyone else in Jerusalem made an agreement to free all Hebrew men and women who were slaves. No Jew would keep another as a slave. And so, all the Jewish slaves were given their freedom.

11 But those slave owners changed their minds and forced their former slaves back into slavery.

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part

Chapter 6



 Resurrection means the process through which a fallen person is restored to the original state as intended by God. The providence of resurrection thus means the providence of restoration. Since the providence of restoration is God’s work of re-creation, resurrection is a work of re-creation. Thus, the providence of resurrection is carried out in accordance with the Principle of Creation, in the following manner.

 The merit of the age in the providence of restoration has increased in proportion to the foundation of heart laid by the prophets, sages and righteous people who came before us. Therefore, resurrection is carried out based on the merit of the age. Second, according to the Principle of Creation, in conducting the providence of resurrection, God’s responsibility is to give us His Word and guidance, and our responsibility is to believe and practice it in order to fulfill the providence. Third, according to the Principle of Creation, the resurrection of a spirit can be achieved only through earthly life. Fourth, according to the Principle of Creation, the providence of resurrection for fallen people is also to be completed through three ordered stages, manifested as three ages in the providence of restoration.



The two thousand years from Adam to Abraham resulted in the establishment of the foundation upon which God could begin His providence of resurrection in the following age. For this reason, we may call this period the age of the providence to lay the foundation for resurrection.


During the two thousand years from Abraham to Jesus, God worked to raise people to the formation stage of resurrection. Hence, this era may be called the age of the providence of formation-stage resurrection. This era has been called the age of justification by works. The people of this era who practiced the Law in their daily life were resurrected in spirit to the formation stage and became form spirits.


 Due to the crucifixion of Jesus, resurrection was left incomplete, and its completion has been delayed until the time of his return. The two thousand years since then have been a time of prolongation, during which God has worked the providence to resurrect people to the growth stage through spiritual salvation. Hence, this era may be called the age of the providence of growth-stage resurrection. This era has been called the age of justification by faith. Upon their death, those who became life spirits while on earth enter and abide in Paradise, the life-spirit level of the spirit world.


 The era when people are to be resurrected both spiritually and physically through the returning Christ and complete the providence of resurrection is called the age of the providence of completion-stage resurrection. Christ at the Second Advent brings the new truth. This era is called the age of justification by attendance. When they shed their physical bodies, as spirits they will enter and abide in the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven, which is the divine-spirit level of the spirit world.



The spirits of people who died before they could reach perfection during their earthly life can be resurrected only by returning to earth and completing their unaccomplished responsibility through cooperation with earthly people. By assisting people of faith living on the earth to fulfill their missions, the spirits may complete their missions at the same time.

2.3.2 THE RETURNING RESURRECTION OF THE SPIRITS OF ISRAELITES AND CHRISTIANS GROWTH-STAGE RETURNING RESURRECTION Spirits of those who kept the Mosaic Law and worshipped God sincerely while living on earth during the Old Testament Age came to abide at the form-spirit level of the spirit world. After the advent of Jesus, these spirits all returned to earth and assisted faithful people on earth to accomplish the Will of God. By thus helping the people to attain the level of life spirit, they too received the same benefit: namely, they became life spirits and entered Paradise. We call this dispensation growth-stage returning resurrection. COMPLETION-STAGE RETURNING RESURRECTION

 The spirits of people who believed in Jesus while they lived on earth during the New Testament Age became life spirits and entered Paradise after death. After the Second Advent, these spirits will all return to the earth to help faithful people believe in and attend the returning Christ. By thus helping people on earth to attain the level of divine spirit, they too will receive the same benefit and become divine spirits. When the earthly saints pass over to the next world and enter the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven, the returning spirits will also enter the Kingdom. This dispensation is called completion-stage returning resurrection.


 First, let us examine the returning resurrection of spirits who believed in religions other than Christianity during their lifetime. A spirit who returns to the earth for his resurrection seeks a counterpart among the earthly people of the religion in which he believed during his earthly life. A spirit descends to the person of his choice and guides him. When he helps that person fulfill the purpose of the providence of restoration, they both receive the same benefit. Second, let us examine the returning resurrection of spirits who lived a conscientious life even though they did not believe in a religion. These good spirits descend to good people on earth and cooperate with them in order to help them fulfill the purpose of God’s providence of restoration. In the process, the spirits receive the same benefits as the people they have helped. Third, let us examine the returning resurrection of evil spirits.

 The works of evil spirits do not always bear fruit and result in their receiving the benefit of returning resurrection. To receive such benefit, their works must have the effect of punishing earthly people, thereby enlisting their help in making indemnity conditions in accordance with God’s plan to cleanse evil spirits through punishment. [Blue Part] How, then, can the works of evil spirits result in casting judgment on behalf of Heaven? Let us take an example. Suppose there is a person living on earth who, based on the merit of the age, is about to graduate from his current sphere of benefit to a higher sphere of benefit. He cannot graduate to the new sphere of benefit unless he first makes some condition of indemnity to remove the sins of the past. In the case of graduating from the family sphere to the clan sphere, a person must pay the debt of sin both for himself and for the ancestors of his clan. Heaven allows evil spirits to torment him as punishment for this sin. If he willingly endures the suffering given by the evil spirits and overcomes it, he will have successfully paid the indemnity through this condition and thus be entitled to enter the higher sphere of benefit at the clan level. The evil spirits who have tormented him receive a corresponding benefit [End Blue Part]

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Jesus Loves the Father

Cheon Seong Gyeong 745

The earth also breathes and moves.
Your cells breathe as well. Do you want
to live eternally on earth or do you want
to live eternally in a place where you
become an invisible entity of love? You
should live eternally in a world where
you become an invisible entity of love.
Even when God wants to reveal Himself,
you cannot see Him with your physical
body. That’s why you need a spirit self.
God is the center of the invisible spir-
it. Therefore, He wants to give human
beings, who are His counterparts, every-
thing from the eternal realm of the ideal
that He created. (111-111, 1981.2.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 578

Originally, people were to go to this
world. Yet, because there is no way of
going up in one step, each stage must be
pioneered and passed through, from the
individual to the family, from the fam-
ily to the tribe, and from the tribe to the
In view of God’s providence, those
who died before the Old Testament
Age, which is the age of the providence
for individual salvation, desire to enter
that age and receive its benefits. As such,
going up each stage inevitably requires
indemnity. Crossing over each stage
inevitably requires conditions of indem-
nity, like in the case of Cain and Abel.

The Ideal Kingdom of Heaven, Our Hope

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 22, 1959

Matthew 3: 1-17

You must meet the hour when Heaven grants your wish gladly as you say these words: “To receive this love, I have passed through the road of death, the road of difficulties, and the road of pain. I have endeavored even to love Satan, and I have fought to hold onto a dying life, even to become an offering in place of him. I have loved the people of this earth as You, the Father, have. I have poured out my heart upon the people who desired love. Therefore, Father, please love me!”

Jesus, whom you believe in, walked a road of tears for over thirty years. He crossed over the hills of sorrow and death. Then he resurrected and said to God, “Father, I have come. I have understood the Father’s heart of 4,000 years, and I have come to this place as an offering in order to introduce that Shim Jung. Father!” Upon hearing that, God forgot all about His own dignity, deeply lamented, and cried tears of joy. That moment was the moment of finding one’s lost child and the moment a relationship was bound between heaven and earth. Christians do not know that at that moment, God forgot His own dignity, held onto Jesus, and shed tears of sorrow and tears of joy. You also must appear in front of God and say, “I have come the way You desired. I have believed Your words of wanting to meet me and have come to meet You. Therefore, please embrace me in Your bosom of love.” You must receive the blessing as you are embraced by God’s love and as He says to you, raising His hands, “Let us live in the eternal realm of love.” Only in that way can our ideal garden of hope, that is, the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven, be concluded. The establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven starts from each individual perfecting himself in this way.

Jesus fought for this ideology. Our ancestors sought this ideal. All the people who are walking the way today are going toward this goal. Continue reading “Jesus Loves the Father”