Joshua Faithfully Conquered Jericho

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1471

When balancing the ledger of a store, you have to calculate revenue and expenditure accurately. In balancing the accounts of a mere store, you have to exercise care. However, do you pay as much attention when you balance the accounts of your life? Have you ever even tried to balance the accounts of your life? Have you gone into the red, or are you in the black? If you see red ink, you should lament most grievously. People should be able to sing for joy on their deathbed. If you find yourself struggling to accept the reality of death when face it, that struggle only goes to show that you have lived a life in the red. We should lead our lives in the black in the realm of heart, based on the absolute standard. (19-289, 1968.3.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 924

Christian churches today say that God passes judgment and does other things. Yet, if God were free to do as He wants, there would be no need to withhold judgment in this way until now. He would have executed judgment immediately after the Fall. There is no principle that allows God to establish His ideal of love on the foundation of victory gained through rendering judgment. (210-61, 1990.12.1)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

The Providence of Restoration Centered on Moses

Joshua and the younger Israelites successfully completed 40 years of wandering in the wilderness due to the failure of the first spying mission and the faithlessness of the Israelite people.
He sent two spies into Jericho, who were hidden by the prostitute Rehab. They successfully completed their mission and gave a faithful report.
Joshua, in a similar course to Moses, crossed the Jordan river and set up stones as an altar. These stones represented the twelve tribes and the eventual building of the temple. The Israelites marched in obedience to God’s command, and on the seventh day the shouted and the wall collapsed and they took the city. This foreshadowed that Jesus would come in the future and, with his authority and the work of the saints, would destroy the barrier between heaven and earth that Satan had constructed. Joshua defeated 31 Kings.
We learn from Moses’ course that God revealed and foreshadowed the course that Jesus would walk. We also learn that although God’s will is predestined, its accomplishment is decided the the fulfillment of the human portion of responsibility. Everything is decided in an instant and the sum of instances makes up our entire life. God puts his providential figures through tests either before or after He grants them His Grace.
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