John the Baptist Failed His Mission

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2496

What is it that the True Parents are supposed to do? They have to completely open up the blocked way between the spirit world and physical world and lay a highway, a highway from hell, from Danbury, from the hell of the spirit world to heaven! (134-127, 1985.2.25)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1018

    Try conveying the Word till after midnight and until you hear the crow of the first rooster. How mysterious it is! Try conveying the Word as you listen to the barking of dogs in the neighborhood in the quiet, tranquil night. You will feel as if you have broken through on a new path of life in search of the bright sunlight; you will feel like the captain of a ship who determines anew to find the lighthouse. You will experience a sense of valor, pride, and majesty as if you were alone in this world filled entirely with mysteries of all kinds.
    In order to have that bond of heart, you should give guidance during the nighttime. It is necessary to conduct such activities during the night or at dawn. (29-196, 1970.2.28)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

The Worldwide Course for the Restoration of Canaan Centering on Jesus

Jesus was the second Adam and had to walk the course to bring Satan to submission, following the course set out by Jacob and Moses.
To establish a relationship with the Messiah, human beings must first establish the
Foundation for the Messiah.  If there is no Foundation for the Messiah, fallen people will kill the Messiah when he comes.
The Jewish people believed in John the Baptist, who was in the position of Elijah.  But John had doubts about Jesus (Mt. 11:3).  Therefore the first world-level course for the restoration of Canaan failed. 
See slides 1 to 5 below:

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