How Can the Things that Were Divided Become One Again?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1063

Concerning the process of re-creation, to give and give again for the sake of others is the same as God expending Himself in the act of creation. To invest oneself is the act of creating one’s second self; it is the same as God investing Himself for the sake of Creation. The works of re-creation follow the course of restoration through indemnity; indemnity is carried out through the works of recreation. Therefore, re-creation can only come about when you invest yourself. For this reason, it is a reasonable conclusion to say that sacrifice is inevitable. (82-240, 1976.1.31)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 922

Christians today say that God exists as the Lord of righteous judgment who passes judgment on injustices. Yet, would such a God be at ease? Has anyone here been a judge before? When they execute a condemned criminal, the judge must also be present at the place of execution. There is no person more miserable than a judge. Do you like being chief justice? How do you want to make a living? As chief justice? How many days will you live within that environment of judgment, although you become a man of authority and have everything you deal with go smoothly just as you wish, and at your command? After a month of this life you would refuse to continue. You would be sick of it.

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

How can the things that were divided become one again? The change that divided them took place in the space of a second, so the change to bring them into oneness again should also need only a second. The earth was supposed to be revolving around the Center during that particular second, but it turned in the opposite direction instead. It turned in the opposite direction and continued in that direction, so now it needs to go back to its original position This traces out a figure eight. A figure eight.

Think of the figure eight as two gears meshed together. What will the smaller gear do? If the smaller gear turns to the left, the larger gear will turn to the right. They cannot turn in the same direction. The teeth on the smaller gear must mesh with the teeth on the larger gear. If one, two, three teeth match up, then four, five and six will match; thus they will all be in position. Once five teeth bite, then all the teeth from the sixth one on will match up.

This number six is the issue. The number six. Say with me. [Number six] A family consisting of a father, a son, a daughter, and each of their spouses completes the number six. Then the number seven becomes the issue. When that number seven is born, the family enters into a new world. Then what happens to the larger gear? It becomes the partner that moves as the smaller gear turns. So when the family completes three stages, the larger gear also goes beyond the number five, goes beyond the number six, and what happens?

Which came first, the lunar calendar or the solar calendar? How do you Western people answer? Did the lunar calendar come first, or was it the solar calendar? The lunar calendar came first. So should any of you not know the lunar calendar?

What needs to happen to the larger gear in order for the smaller gear to turn like this? It was made so that its thousand teeth would match up and turn with the smaller gear. But a person who doesn’t know this cannot tell if it has one thousand teeth or ten thousand teeth. If there are a thousand, then to turn it once the small gear needs to make a thousand revolutions. Yet no one is aware when that larger gear makes even just one revolution. There is no awareness at all.

You did not know the time of your birth, and you do not know the time of your death. It happens in a second – in just a second. Death occurs in a second. In that one second the most eminent person can either fall down or go forward and live. In other words, in that one second, one person will rise to the highest level and find there a horizontal plane in which to dwell, while another person will fall down to a low horizontal plane and dwell there. There is a high horizontal level and a low horizontal level. The low horizontal is the bottom of hell. The high horizontal is the heights of heaven. Yet people are not aware of this.

Which comes first, the right or the left? People don’t know. Likewise, because no one understands the time we are living in, there is confusion like we see today. Because people do not recognize that it is the Last Days, they are failing and falling into ruin. Also, people who live as individualists without committing themselves to a partner, who live in a world where subject-object partner relationships are of no importance, will fall into ruin. The United Nations was established, yet why do nations continue to fight when they could be resolving matters through the United Nations’ good offices?

What happens to conflict when we enter the age of the level horizontal? The level horizontal is a place of tranquility. There will be no conflict. It is like the tide, which after it has come in and reaches its highest point, forms a level horizontal where there is no motion, no conflict. After the moment of high tide has passed, the water begins recede and resumes its motion. It recedes, but people who do not realize that the tide has come in and formed a level horizontal also do not realize it when the tide begins to go out. In time it goes all the way out and forms another level horizontal at its lowest ebb. Then it starts to come in again.

This motion always forms an “X.” It reaches a level horizontal and then comes down here. The level horizontal that was formed like this first moves to the left and once it has gone to the left it comes back and seeks for the right. Then the standards of “O” and “X” will all come together. But what has happened instead? This thing called “X” is not able to go through, and it doesn’t work.

Where does the “X” form? For human beings to exist there needs to be an “X.” The great universe is completely empty. There is motion where there is emptiness, so what happens in the midst of that? Many “Xs” can easily fit into a large circular space. Many “Xs” will fit into an “O”, but even a small “O” cannot fit into an “X.”

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