We Fell from the Level Horizontal

Cheon Seong Gyeong 171

There may have been people in some past historical age who thought about the term True Parents, but they had no way of understanding what the term’s background might be. Since the issue could not be resolved without understanding the vast and comprehensive contents of the Principle, no one else has been able to simply say the words True Parents. It is an amazing fact that we have been able to reveal the content of the Principle, the Unification Church’s view of history and the truth about the origin of humankind.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 479

What kind of place do you think the Kingdom of Heaven is? In short, we can say that the Kingdom of Heaven is a place entered and inhabited by perfected people. If the Kingdom of Heaven is a place inhabited by perfected people, who have true love, then what kind of people would those with true love be? Human beings are either men or women. When we consider how the perfection of God’s ideal love can be realized on earth, we reach the conclusion that it cannot be realized apart from men and women. God’s love cannot be completed without perfected men and women who possess the ownership of love. (145-266, 1986.5.15)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

The question here is the point of separation between good and evil, between good spirits and evil spirits. What does it mean that evil spirits and good spirits came into conflict with each other? It means that the gears did not mesh. What does Satan do, centering on himself, in the presence of God, who is the large gear? Heaven turns in a certain way, and Satan says, “I have to turn in the same direction.” But he can’t, and so he takes it over and tries to force it to turn backwards. This is the issue of lineage centering on love.

When the lineage gets on board with Satan’s program and turns like that, what happens on earth, from then on? Existing beings on earth cannot form the lower wheel. Hence they do not live. The universe cannot breathe. Breathe in with me. [Takes a deep breath.]

If a person wants to get ahead in the world, to become a bigger person, he or she must first become smaller. This is the principle of breathing. But people are not aware. We must pass through the time it takes to breathe out — whooooo! And what happens next? Once all the air has been let out of the football, then we can consider how to let it breathe in so that it becomes larger.

To take control of front and back, take control of upper and lower, and take control of the whole and the moment, it is important for all the reciprocal relationships to be connected. When they are connected, there can be motion like this and like that. When something grows larger, there is motion like this and like that, and everything is in motion to support it. The whole is in motion, but the question is, how they are connected.

After breathing out — whooooo — the question is how to breathe in again. If you can do it three times, you can reach the level horizontal. Who made the situation like this? Was it you? Was it the President of the United States? Was it an ambassador to the United Nations? It was brought about by the Fall. Because of the Fall, we fell from the level horizontal.

At the level horizontal, how do a man and woman breathe? When the man breathes out, the woman breathes in; when the woman breathes out, the man breathes in. For this to happen, the upper and lower, front and back, and left and right are well connected. So when the man goes up, the woman naturally goes down. When the man goes to the right, the woman stands on the left. What happens to all things, as they respond to the man and woman breathing? Spring, summer, autumn and winter follow each other in turn. What is above and what is below are properly distinguished.

However, if the woman stands first, then the man has to follow. Just because something is big doesn’t mean it can act like a king. A king needs a queen. When his partner is no longer there, even the king ceases to exist.

It is important to understand this principle of heaven, earth and humanity. This concept does not exist in either the West or the East. Why? Because the Fall was committed, and everything came into conflict. After you breathe out like this — whooooo — you should breathe in again. But if you and your partner are fighting and saying, “You should die and disappear,” what will happen? If one person disappears, there is no one remaining who can breathe in.

When your ball loses air and becomes soft and collapses, what has happened? It collapsed because one of two powerful forces pushed on it, It became smaller by breathing out — whooooo — because a powerful force applied pressure. And when it has completely collapsed and gets to the level horizontal, it can say to that force, “OK. Now let’s see you breathe out!”

Where does the force go after the ball has collapsed? Where does the force of motion go? This is the issue. Even the smallest crack will catch it, and then what happens? The mouth will go “wheeeeek,” and the force enters there. The two forces combine to become even more powerful, and the horizontal gives way to a powerful force of expansion. This begins a logical regime that can continue on for eternity. Western people all live without realizing this. Each person thinks he or she is the best, and says, “Look at me! I’m the center. I am the central point/’

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