All Families Must be Connected to the Recreated Bloodline

Cheon Seong Geyon 423

What does the Unification Church understand God’s will to be? What is Rev. Moon’s understanding of God’s will? God’s will is understood to be the completion and fulfillment of the original ideal of creation for which God made this universe. Because God created the universe with certain purposes, it is God’s will to realize such purposes. Who or what was at the center of this purpose? It was none other than Adam and Eve. That is why I perceive God’s purpose of creation to be the realization of His ideal beginning with and from Adam and Eve. Then, what is the substance of this ideal? It is none other than the realization of the four-position foundation. The four-position foundation is the foundation of the family with God at the center. It is realized only when Adam and Eve become so completely united that they cannot separate themselves from the realm of God’s love. With God at the center, they become an ideal husband and wife, giving birth to children of their own. When this four-position foundation is completed, Adam and Eve become one in their love as husband and wife and are secured within the realm of God’s love. (Blessed Family – 298)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1039

    When you come to the church, you must bring your parents and all of your family members with you. You should bring along your older brother, older sister, and everyone else. How much blood and tears have you shed for the sake of witnessing to your parents, your cousins, your in-laws, and your distant relatives? Have you ever struggled fiercely and prayed with tremendous devotion to guide a person’s life? This is the question.
    You must become the center of the environment that you find yourself in. You must understand that each of you must become the center. (41-90, 1971.2.13)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

Why? A cow has four stomachs. A sheep has four stomachs. A goat does, too. Ruminating animals are those that stay. The same can be said about pigeons. Pigeons cannot lay more than two eggs. A pigeon, a ram and cow were offered as a sacrifice. In the sea aren’t there salmon? Salmon give their own flesh to feed their offspring. Since there is nothing to eat during the cold months of November, December and January, salmon sacrifice their own body to provide for their young.

Even though Satan thinks he can use the three worlds as bait, when the time comes, all is turned upside down and what do you think happens to Satan’s meal? I can put it in one pocket and digest all the three worlds: the satanic world, the democratic world and the communist world. Rev. Moon is disliked most of all for his teaching by the communist party and the religious authorities in the democratic world. Don’t they say that I am trying to swallow their religion? I can swallow both worlds — the left-wing and the right-wing — in one bite. In Korean, the expression “in one bite” sounds like “honey rice cake” and therefore implies eating something very delicious. I am going to eat them up in one bite and digest them with pleasure.

The position of parents should also be digested. Even God should be able to occupy the center position and be reborn in the royal capacity to command over God’s kingship, True Parents’ kingship. There is nothing to fear in the whole universe since the unity of two bodies has been achieved. The world was unified in an instant from the day Rev. Moon made the proclamation of Settlement of the Parent Abel UN.

Everyone is broke. There is no economy that is able to save either America or Las Vegas. As soon as I can bring together the two worlds of religion and economy, both will live. Does religion come first or economy? Politics are conducted by Satan as he manipulates religions. After the religious world, the nation will be influenced together with the world of affluent white people who used to violate human life centering on the economy. Since the United Nations could not unite, as long as the big wheel of the Heavenly Kingdom is missing a smaller wheel inside it to rotate in the opposite direction, the free world is going to disappear.

If there is only the family of Rev. Moon, the family of Father and Mother, left in the world, it would be the new Garden of Eden. Satan’s seed, fruit, and all ugly things in the environment will be eliminated. A small island such as Hawaii will become the place where this family lives happily cultivating the soil with all modern amenities at hand. This place will become the starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven, the return to Adam’s origin. Rev. Moon’s family does not disappear.

That’s right. Since Rev. Moon’s family does not disappear, it will find a kin nation centering on the blood lineage. Korea and Mongolia can form precisely this type of kinship. Do you know about Lamaist tradition in Mongolia? According to this tradition, a married Mongolian woman hopes to bear a child from a foreign guest. The Lamaist husband is willing to share his wife with the foreign guest. Since the tradition has it that the child from this union is destined to become the King of the country, the nation will ascend centering on the non- fallen bloodline. Like the rod of Aaron that budded, if a rod is driven in, then unless the blood of the previously married line flows in the opposite direction, the way to heaven is blocked.

So, what was inside the Ark of the Covenant? Inside were the two tablets of stone, the manna, and the rod of Aaron that budded. In the satanic world, people do all kinds of strange things between married couples. Husbands cheat on their wives: one man has a wife and up to fifty mistresses. Rich people live like that. Both Chinese and Americans. Failing to digest China and America is not possible. As for Russia, it is not as big. World peace cannot be achieved unless these families are connected to the recreated bloodline.


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