The Country where Cain and Abel Have fought Needs to Become One Centering on the Blood Lineage.

     Christianity has passed through a history of seeking the true olive tree, while innumerable people have pioneered a miserable destiny throughout the ages. The true olive tree refers to the son of God. Once he comes, you must receive his sap as well as engrafting onto one of his branches. All conditions left unresolved in history, the failures of all our ancestors through the ages who could not overcome the indemnity conditions presented by Satan, will be resolved at that point. You should be engrafted, not from a foundation of fertile soil or a warm shelter, but from ground that is rough and stony. That is because you must receive from Satan a certificate that you can become God’s child, since you have been equipped with the original nature that has not existed in the satanic world until now. It is not something that God gives. If it had been up to God, He would have issued this six thousand years ago.
    The judge does not approve your release from prison. Who will? The prosecutor gives his approval. In this court, the prosecutor is Satan. Without obtaining the endorsement of the prosecutor in court, you cannot be released. Without Satan’s approval, God does not say, “You are my child. Let me save you!” You must absolutely get Satan’s approval. Have you received Satan’s release or not? You must get it.
    What does the Unification Church teach? It teaches the way to obtain Satan’s approval. You must not only get a spiritual approval, but also a substantial one that combines both the spirit and the flesh. (17-124, 1966.12.11)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 726

Starting from the idea that religious and world unity must come from myself, the question of what the Unification Church is trying to do today comes to the forefront. It is not a religion just for the sake of religion. It should achieve solidarity with the world, finding ways that religious activity can be accompanied by social activity; it should find ways the world is seeking the religious path and bring the two into oneness. A big wall lies across here blocking religion and society from becoming one – for individuals, families, peoples, nations, the world, and even the cosmos.

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

Time has come for the United Nations to unite with the United States through the Parent Peace UN. The “Cain-Abel Universal Peace Federation Won-gu Peace Cup” was held as the venue for the unity between Cain and Abel. This event, centered on True Parents, was a tremendous accomplishment that overwhelmed heaven and earth. Where did it take place? This event that shook heaven and earth, was held in the Original Palace of heaven and earth. The beginning of the commemoration was centered on the 13-day period, the Coronation Ceremony, the Golden Wedding Anniversary, the 55th Anniversary of the foundation of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity and formed the origin of the 110th Anniversary. Going over 110 years. The dual ideal is established.

Because the providence of individual salvation has entered the era where the family, nation and world could be united at once, the restoration of the Heavenly Kingdom is now possible to accomplish over one evening. What if I arrive in America after having accomplished the program that had failed to take place over one evening here, and the American people, together with President Obama, say that they want to attend Rev. Moon? Even if they say so, I will say that I don’t like the idea and will have to go and reside in Russia and China, countries where the standard of peace have been established.

Also, do you know about the people that live amidst the ice of Arctic and Antarctica? They are called Eskimos. “Es” stands for “special.” “Mo” stands for “moon” (which also means “door” in Korean). The king of those people is “moon” and, centering on Rev. Moon, people in the frigid zones of Arctic and Antarctica will establish the kingship. Eskimos have waited for the arrival of their king and it is only “M” that can open this special nation with a key. Rev. Moon has to become King. This way the nation that was driven by the white people into the midst of the Arctic and Antarctic ice becomes the free world.

Should the white people become Eskimos then? The white people cannot kill Rev. Moon. The door of heaven, the door of the Heavenly Kingdom opens up with the salvation of the two brothers. Not even the King of Peace can accomplish something greater than this and since the Peace Cup King and Queen, Peace Cup Grandfather and Grandmother, True Father and True Mother, True Husband and True Wife, True Children, and True Family are now established, heaven and earth have become one and we can live in the united independent Fatherland, God’s Fatherland, on the soil of Jeong-ju, which becomes our original hometown.

The Russo-Japanese war began in Jeong-ju. The flow begins from the Yalu River near Jeong-ju, then proceeds to Yangtze River in China, farther to the Yellow River and, centering on the Korean Peninsula, enters the Pacific Ocean. This area of the Pacific is the place of refuge.

Those who live in the Pacific area can now become one with Rev. Moon. Where does unity begin?

When Mafia, Japanese Yakuza and criminals of all other countries flood into the Pacific Rim area seeking refuge, this region will be proclaimed a refuge zone and a peaceful mood will set in. Using this method, on the day these Mafia chiefs, Yakuza bosses and gang leaders of all countries residing in the Pacific Rim area unite with the UN, these Mafiosi will become great loyal subjects, saints of saints and kings of kings that exhibit the utmost devotion. Having pursued power and having made a mess out of their relationships in clans and nations, they will discover a country that is even greater that what they sought for. In that case, the independence/restoration of the homeland is inevitable.

The country where Cain and Abel have fought needs to become one centering on the blood lineage. This is final. Once I leave here, you may choose whether to follow me or not, to live or to die. As far as I am concerned, I have taught you everything. I have made a textbook for you.

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